Uncharted 4 Trailer Shows Nathan Drake’s Home Life

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From spending time at home with Elena to stamping papers in a 9-to-5 job, the latest Uncharted 4 trailer shows glimpses of Nathan Drake living a normal life.

After a multitude of delays, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has officially finished development and is on track to release May 10. That means that the promotion train is hurtling along, bringing new trailers all the time.

The latest Uncharted 4 trailer, entitled “Heads or Tails,” is a 30-second CG feature that has Drake asking if all the adventures experienced over the past three games has been worth it.

Much of the footage of Drake carrying on a normal life comes from trailers that have been released already. It appears that this is the state of Drake’s life following the events of Uncharted 3 – working a normal job pushing papers and spending time at home with his wife Elena. That is, until his brother Sam reappears in Uncharted 4 and pulls Drake in for one last job, it seems.

This trailer, like all the glimpses of the game’s story seen so far, appear to take on a more emotional weight – although Naughty Dog has promised Uncharted 4 is still the summer blockbuster fun fans expect it to be. Naughty Dog has also said this will be Drake’s last adventure, and it appears that it is also Naughty Dog’s last entry in the Uncharted series as well (not that the franchise couldn’t live on in the future).

Uncharted 4 May See the Death of Nathan Drake - Nathan Drake cave wall

Whether Drake meets his end along with the franchise is something fans will have to wait and see when the game comes out, but no matter what, Uncharted 4 appears to be the biggest game Naughty Dog has ever made. Naughty Dog has previously said that the game features explorable spaces ten times the size of anything seen in the previous three entries of the Uncharted series.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End promises to be the best looking game in the franchise, pushing the PlayStation 4’s technical capabilities to its limits.  While the developer says that the new open spaces and dialogue trees give the players more options to choose how they want to approach each encounter, it doesn’t mean the game has lost its linear nature. In fact, Naughty Dog says it has added extra layers of gameplay mechanics on, but have tried to do it in an elegant way that makes everything feel like it fits in the gameplay fans have experienced over the franchise’s history.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 on May 10th.

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New Division Loot Cave Found in Russian Consulate Mission

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YouTuber MacroStyle shows how to farm a newly discovered loot exploit found within the Russian Consulate story mission within Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Loot farming has been all the rage lately in Tom Clancy’s The Division. Players within the popular open world shooter has seen a number of loot cave instances appear in the past couple weeks alone, with Ubisoft working diligently to close them off as quick as they can. Unfortunately for them, it appears that The Division may be destined to always have some sort of way to exploit the loot system as another loot farm has been found within the game.

The latest mission to feature an easy way to grind for loot is in the Russian Consulate mission which occurs near the end of the main story line. Like the very first loot cave exploit, high level players will need to kill the end boss, die and then respawn. In order to fully reap the benefits to this mission though, players will need to follow the advice given in the video as there are a number of unnatural steps that need to occur in order to trick the game.


Essentially, with one player still inside of the mission building, the other three leave and run around towards the back gate where the final enemies will spawn. Using a glitch that allows mobile cover to be placed through a gate, these players can then stick to cover, and walk through the locked gate into the final mission area. Once in position, the one remaining player runs through to the checkpoint which triggers the final wave, and should then meet up with the other three. After the boss is killed, one player will need to die next to the gate, causing the game to believe the mission wasn’t completed, allowing the group to essentially play this end section over and over.

After Ubisoft shut down the first loot exploit found with The Bullet King in Times Square, players have been seemingly discovering more and more on a weekly basis. Just a few days ago, fans of the game revealed an easy strategy involving the elite boss Hutch found at the end of the Madison Field Hospital mission towards the beginning of the game. By killing this boss character before he can jump down off the roof, a shadow version of the character will appear who can be easily killed and will drop all high powered loot.

At this time Ubisoft has yet to patch any of these newer exploits but with the speed that they’ve been providing fixes, it stands to reason that players should expect these zones to be updated sooner rather than later.

Have you found any other good farming locations within the game? Are you planning on trying out any of the exploits mentioned above? Let us know what you think below in the comments.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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Turok 1 and 2 Remastered Coming to Xbox

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In a tweet to a fan, Night Dive Studios confirms that the remastered versions of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil are making their way to Xbox.

Before ARK: Survival Evolved exploded on the scene, gaming’s premiere dinosaur hunting games were Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. Many gamers look back on those titles with fond memories, and now it looks like fans of the games will have a chance to go down memory lane, as Night Dive Studios has confirmed that both Turok and Turok 2 are coming to Xbox.

The versions of Turok and Turok 2 making their way to Xbox will likely be ports of the remastered Turok games that were released for PC late last year. The remastered Turok titles available for PC boast improved graphics and other enhancements when compared to the original releases, but it remains to be seen if the Xbox ports will have any additional content.

It’s also unclear what Night Dive Studios means when the company states that the Turok games are coming to “Xbox.” Perhaps this means that the titles are being released on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as opposed to just releasing on the latter. Moreover, it doesn’t appear as though the remastered Turok games are coming to PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 at this time, which seems a little odd. However, it opens the door to the possibility that Microsoft has pushed for the remastered Turok titles to be console-exclusive or timed-exclusive to the Xbox brand.

turok dinosaur hunter bow drawn

In our Turok: Dinosaur Hunter remaster review, we pointed out that the game feels a little antiquated by today’s standards, and it seems unlikely that particular issue will be addressed with the Xbox port. However, maybe Turok is set to make a gaming comeback after 2008’s failed reboot attempt, and the ports of the remasters are paving the way for that.

It would make sense, considering Night Dive went a similar route when bringing the System Shock series back from the dead. The company started the effort by releasing a System Shock 2 remaster, which was followed by a remaster of the original System Shock not long after. It was then that System Shock 3 was announced, so perhaps by bringing the remastered Turok titles to more platforms, Night Dive is prepping an announcement for a new game in the series.

Regardless, Xbox One owners with nostalgia for the Turok franchise will likely appreciate the remastered games making their way to the system. Hopefully PlayStation gamers aren’t left out of the mix as well, however, as it would be nice to see the Turok franchise make a comeback on as many platforms as possible.

The remastered Turok games are already available for PC, but the titles don’t have a release date on Xbox just yet.


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Division Player Finds DLC Dark Zone Area?

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A Reddit user by the name of CodeDux travels beyond the Dark Zone’s playable area in The Division, discovering what could be space reserved for future Dark Zone DLC.

Tom Clancy’s The Division players are busy prepping for the game’s big April update, which is looking to add its first raid, along with additional content. The update may also be extending the playable space in the Dark Zone, as one Reddit user has found a land of empty streets and abandoned cars beyond the Dark Zone’s current playable area.

Reddit user CodeDux has managed to explore these areas, in a manner not unlike how players accessed the secret Central Park area in the game. In the Dark Zone area CodeDux managed to reach, designated DZ08, there’s mostly just empty streets and abandoned cars, as previously mentioned. However, CodeDux also managed to find some more interesting bits in this new Dark Zone area that hint that it may possibly be fleshed out as future DLC for The Division.

Besides the empty streets and abandoned cars, DZ08 is also home to an eastern checkpoint that is outfitted with fortifications. It wouldn’t make much sense for Massive Entertainment to go through the trouble of creating a fortified checkpoint in DZ08 if players are never meant to explore it, so perhaps this checkpoint is evidence in favor of the theory that DZ08 will be added to the game in April’s update.

The Division: Raid Details Coming Early Next Week - Division firefight

CodeDux found further evidence in favor of this theory while exploring DZ08 in the form of “clue placeholders.” These bright blue icons appear to be spots where The Division‘s collectibles will be placed at some point down the road. Again, it seems as though if Massive went through the trouble of adding these to DZ08 that the area will serve a more significant purpose in the future.

Some have theorized that DZ08 could open up as soon as The Division‘s first raid content update hits the game in the middle of April. This is because the first raid is set in Columbus Square, an area of Manhattan that is farther north than the current outlined playable area in The Division.

If DZ08 isn’t added to the game as part of April’s update, perhaps it will come later on. After all, The Division‘s season pass will include three separate expansions, and considering The Division‘s massive popularity, it will probably have another wave of expansions after the season pass obligations are fulfilled. The Dark Zone has proven to be a particularly popular area in The Division, so it would make sense for it to be expanded in future free content updates or paid expansion releases for the game.

Regardless of if DZ08 is ever added to The Division in an official capacity, it seems reasonable to assume that the Dark Zone will be getting bigger one way or another. The Division‘s popularity is too much to ignore, and one way that Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment will be able to hold on to its large player base is by expanding on the content that the community has responded well to, which would include the Dark Zone.


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Here’s How the Fake Nintendo NX Controller Was Made

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The creator of the second fake Nintendo NX controller image apologizes for tricking so many people, and shows how the fake image came to be.

The original prankster behind the alleged Nintendo NX controller leak recently came forward and admitted his image was nothing more than a Photoshop job, which has prompted the creator of the second controller image – which caused an equally big stir upon its release – to reveal his work to be a sham, too.

As it turns out, the second batch of Nintendo NX controller photos didn’t come courtesy of Photoshop, but were actually a proper 3D design and lasercutter job by a Finnish man named Frank Sandqvist. He copied the design of the original fake image, and added his own stickers and adjustments after looking at the leaks of Nintendo consoles past for inspiration. Now, however, the creative Nintendo fan has come clean, and has also posted an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at how he was able to fool most of the masses.

Here’s the video itself, which Sandqvist was kind enough to make an English version of:

Frank first apologized to the people who’s hope he built up with the impressive fake, and then went on to explain that he utilized the tools available to his family business to forge the fake Nintendo NX controller, using a 3D printer and a professional lasercutter device.

As it turns out, the glossy screen of the controller has nothing behind it, and the analog nubs are made out of the same material as the sides of the fake device itself – they were merely spray-painted to look like they had rubber grips. The Unit 2 sticker, as it turns out, was actually placed there to cover up a paint bubble. Ironically, the sticker that stated it was ‘confidential property’ generated the most doubt over the internet, although it was a sticker directly copied from previous Nintendo leaks.

As some may have guessed, the backside of the device, which never had photos published online, was completely bare. Frank stated that he would have had to do a lot of extra work to make it look authentic, like making some screw holes and adding a fake battery compartment. Evidently, it was easier just to forego that entire process and just take a photo from the top down.

Frank also shows how the device was 3D printed, and showed off some of the steps behind making everything look as professional as possible. It’s clear he did a good job in this regard, as the internet seemingly exploded after his fake low-resolution image was posted online.

He also stated that his forged creation was uncomfortable to hold, though to be fair, it doesn’t have the two grip areas that the official Nintendo patent features.

What do you think of the fake Nintendo NX controller, Ranters? Do you think the official Nintendo product will resemble something like this?

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Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC is Larger Than Oblivion’s Biggest DLC

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Publisher Bethesda reveals that Fallout 4‘s forthcoming expansion pack known as Far Harbor is larger than the biggest DLC for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.

With Fallout 4‘s Automatron DLC having been recently released, fans of Bethesda’s popular post-apocalyptic RPG have now turned their attention to the title’s forthcoming add-ons. As it happens, one gamer took to Twitter to ask the studio’s Vice President of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines, about the magnitude of Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor content, which resulted in the executive saying “it’s bigger in size than Shivering Isles,” which was The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion‘s biggest DLC package.

For those unaware, Shivering Isles was the first expansion pack for Oblivion, and it brought loads of fresh materials, including a map about a quarter of the area of Cyrodiil, which is Elder Scrolls 4 main setting. Bearing that in mind, it makes sense as to why Bethesda’s intent to charge $25 for Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor as a standalone download.

Prior to Hines’ confirmation of Fallout 4‘s forthcoming expansion pack being bigger than Oblivion‘s most massive add-on, the post-apocalyptic RPG’s director, Todd Howard, had confirmed the Far Harbor DLC contains the largest landmass created by Bethesda yet, but revealed it actually has a little less playable content than Shivering Isles. Of course, even though Fallout 4‘s upcoming island adventure doesn’t include as much as Oblivion‘s giant expansion, it doesn’t mean that the quality is going to be poor. If anything, fans should expect a rollicking good time with the studio slightly paring down the content to include better faction quests, settlements, creatures, dungeons, as well as higher-level armor and weapons.

Before Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor expansion launches in May, however, fans of the game may be more excited to receive the title’s Survival Mode, which is receiving a PC beta build this week. While the add-on will surely provide plenty of new content, some Wastelanders may have a heavier hankering to ratchet up Fallout 4‘s difficulty.


While all of Fallout 4‘s DLC offerings for story and typical gameplay elements are certainly appealing, the April release date of Wasteland Workshop — that is, Bethesda’s extensive enlargement of the action-RPG’s crafting options — is arguably the most anticipated add-on yet. After all, giving fans a larger swathe of design options for settlements to create a more livable home and customize the title’s assets even more has sort of become an extremely time-consuming game in and of itself.

At any rate, all of the previously mentioned materials — Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, and Far Harbor — are set to provide Fallout 4 players with plenty more reasons to jump back into the Boston Commonwealth. In truth, the only decision fans have to make at this point is whether or not to pick up the DLC separately at individual prices, or to go all-in with the Season Pass for $50.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Pete Hines – Twitter (via VG 24/7)


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The Division Game Director Has Left Ubisoft

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Ubisoft Massive’s Ryan Barnard, the game director who worked on The Division, has left the studio after accepting an offer for a position at IO Interactive.

The announcement came from a post made on IO Interactive’s company website, and comes hot on the heels of The Division‘s massive critical and financial successes. While the deal with Barnard was likely reached prior to the release of Ubisoft’s MMORPG/shooter hybrid, the news that The Division set a new IP sales record in its first week is sure to make IO Interactive confident about its decision to acquire Barnard. A spokesperson for IO Interactive stated:

“Ryan will focus on expanding on the near-endless possibilities of gameplay that a game like Hitman possesses…this means heading up future efforts of three of our very core teams – gameplay, online and world.”

If Barnard can bring the same kind of depth of gameplay and character design that The Division features to the Hitman series, fans of Agent 47 are in for a true renaissance era for everyone’s favorite bald and barcoded assassin. Although leaving a project as wildly successful as The Division is never an easy choice, the fact that the newest Hitman game has been praised as one of the best in the franchise’s history means the transition shouldn’t be too difficult for Barnard.

While the move seems to make sense for both parties, however, it remains unclear just what being a Gameplay Director actually entails. Barnard’s experience with titles like EverQuest 2 and Warhammer Online might help bring a steady hand to IO Interactive’s recent decision to make Hitman episodic, however, whatever his official role might be.

For those fans who might be worried that The Division‘s strong start at release might be hampered by the departure of Ubisoft Massive’s game director, it’s important to keep in mind that The Division is a game that was made with the help of a lot of different studios. While it would be foolish to understate how much a game director brings to each of their individual projects, there are plenty of practiced hands available within the ranks at Ubisoft to ensure that The Division remains one of the best shooters available today.

the division agent gameplay

One studio’s loss is another’s gain, however, and fans of the Hitman series should be excited that an industry talent so fresh off the success of a huge release is now turning his attention to their game. It remains to be seen exactly what Barnard will be doing with Hitman, but if his past endeavors are any indication, it’s reasonable to expect it will be something exciting.

What do you think about the news that someone so heavily involved with The Division has left the game’s team? Are you excited about what this move could mean for IO Interactive and the Hitman series? Let us know in the comments below.


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Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Introduces New Robot Companion

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Just days ahead of the launch of Fallout 4′Automatron DLC expansion, Bethesda releases a new image of Ada, one of the DLC’s new customizable robot companions.

For those who have explored every inch of Fallout 4‘s Boston Commonwealth, there’s only a few more days to wait before the Automatron DLC expansion is launched. To drum up some anticipation for Fallout 4 fans ahead of the March release date of Automatron, Bethesda has shared a new image from the DLC expansion.

Released on its Facebook page, this new image from Bethesda showcases Ada, one of the new robot companions from Automatron. Bethesda’s caption for the image states that players will be able customize Ada alongside the many robots featured in Automatron, something that’s bound to gel well with Fallout 4‘s already heavily-customizable base game.

Beyond getting a first look at Ada, no other details about the Sole Survivor’s upcoming robot companion has been released. With the reveal of Ada, eagle-eyed gamers will have noticed that Ada was one of the many robots briefly seen in the Automatron trailer.

Since the trailer seemingly indicates that players are approached by a female-voiced robot to hunt down Automatron‘s new antagonist, The Mechanist, perhaps Ada is the one that gives players this new quest-line. Those who are curious at what Ada looks like, check out the image of Fallout 4‘s newest companion right here.


While Ada is a welcome addition to the Fallout universe, some fans are still worried about the lack of significant content being added by the Automatron expansion, especially if the DLC’s short list of achievements is taken into account. Having said that, a new robotic companion other than Codsworth may bring a new dimension of gameplay to Fallout 4, particularly for those who want to start another new game.

It remains to be seen just how big of an addition Ada and the rest of the Automation expansion is, but given the DLC’s relatively cheap $9.99 price tag, it should be reasonable enough. For those wanting a bigger expansion to Fallout 4, keep a lookout on the upcoming Far Harbor DLC, something that Fallout 4 game director Todd Howard says is the biggest addition planned for the game.

Hunting down The Mechanist will undoubtedly be fun, we’re just hoping that Ada will be more like the lovable Dogmeat rather than any of the other judgmental companions in Fallout 4. 

Fallout 4‘s Automatron DLC is scheduled for launch on March 22nd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Division Players are Trying to Decode Possible Secret Message

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After the recent uncovering of numerous Easter eggs in Tom Clancy’s The Division, Reddit user chowdapowa is in the process of decoding a possible secret message.

Tom Clancy’s The Division has barely been out for two weeks, but players everywhere have been combing through the game for every hidden secret there is. From Breaking Bad Easter eggs to a completely unexpected glitch that leads to a secret Central Park area, one must wonder how many undiscovered secrets are left in The Division. If Reddit user chowdapower9‘s discovery of a potential hidden secret is anything to go by, it looks like players will be preoccupied for a while.

Taking place during the Broadway Emporium mission, chowdapower noticed that something was up with the number of buttons that were sprinkled throughout the map. But after switching on all the buttons, nothing came of it other than a number of flashing colored lights being turned on at the level’s ground floor. While it seems like an underwhelming reward for all that effort, chowdapower remains convinced that there may be something more to the secret, given that the lights change color at consistent time intervals.

For those wanting to see this secret, and to decide for themselves if those lights hold a secret message or something else, check it out right here.

This may be the first example so far of a bigger inscrutable mystery in The Division that goes beyond simple pop-culture references, such as this one of Tim Burton’s Batman and The Dark Knight. Whether those flashing lights lead to anything remains up in the air, but hopefully the end result of this Easter egg won’t take years to find.

While Easter eggs are making the headlines, they are just a small part of what makes The Division a great game. With an enormous open world, and an addictive “looter shooter” gameplay that’s customizable based on each gamer’s playstyle, it’s of little surprise that The Division is the best-selling new IP to-date.

Given that The Division is just as much about loot as it is about Easter eggs, the recent discovery of a new “loot cave” is something players could also look into. As for those Division fans who just aren’t interested in Easter egg hunting, they can take all their loot cave findings and go hunting for bosses in the Dark Zone.

Of course, there’s always the option of giving chowdapowa9 an extra hand or two in unlocking their possible flashing lights secret, especially those who need a respite from their goal of a 99 rank in the Dark Zone.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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The Division: ‘Loot Cave’ Found for Farming Phoenix Credits & Gear

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While gamers are less likely to compare The Division with Destiny now that they’ve had time with both games, it’s hard to overlook the similarities between the two. In fact, when it comes to looter shooters, there are certain analogues that gamers try to make between titles like Destiny and The Division, if only because Bungie’s game was many players’ first experience with an online RPG loot-focused shooter.

As far as those similarities are concerned, some Division players have just found the mother load: a new loot cave. Yes, The Division might not have any caves to speak of, but the goal is still the same: farm enemies, collect endless loot, and repeat.

Truth be told, there are actual several loot caves scattered throughout the landscape of New York City post-outbreak, but the most efficient grinding spot is in the Northwest part of the map, right next to the Autumn’s Hope safe house. What players will want to do is spawn into the safe house, which can be found in the top left of the map, somewhat close to the Dark Zone. From there they will head outside, make a left at the first street, and head forward. Somewhere at the end of that street should be a mob of enemies, with one named boss in the group.

That boss is key to the farming, and should be the only target on player’s mind. It’s important not to kill the entire mob because then the process can’t be repeated.

As with any named boss, killing this guy will net players two Superior items and anywhere between 1-4 Phoenix Credits. Then, simply let the remaining enemies take you out, or do the work yourself with a grenade or sticky bomb. Upon respawn you should be back in the safe house and the enemies (including the boss) should respawn as well.

For a video version of the loop, see below:

Now, before Division players head straight to Autumn’s Hope, we should point out a few things. If the boss is not appearing for you, it could be because of a few reasons, some of which can be fixed.

If you’re not level 30 then there’s no point in looking for the boss, so wait until you hit that point. You will want the boss to drop level 30+ gear anyway, so there’s no point in farming him until the game.

Secondly, if at any point you happened across this boss and killed both him and his goons, he will not respawn. The only way to gain access to him after that is to join a friend’s world instance where he is not dead or matchmake with a teammate who has yet to kill the boss. Once in a world state where the boss is not dead, you can have the group leader kick you from the group and still have access to the boss as long as you don’t log out. However, the boss will not respawn in your world at all, so make sure the group leader kicks you instead of leaving the group.

Also, if you feel confident that you did not kill the boss then it’s possible to trigger his spawn by completing all of the mission’s near the Autumn’s Hope safe house. Some report that the boss and his mob will appear once the area is clear.

Division Phoenix Credit Nerf

Although the Autumn’s Hope farming spot is not the only one on the map, it is by far the most efficient. The distance between the respawn point and the boss keeps travel time to a minimum and the enemies are in that middle ground where they are strong enough to take out the player but not before the boss falls first. However, if you are having trouble, it may be because there are other players in your group, which increases enemy health and damage.

Those who are curious to check out the farming spot are recommended to do so sooner rather than later. There has been no official word from Ubisoft on the “loot cave” but the community managers who stream on Twitch acknowledged the farming spot and said they will “address” it soon, perhaps in next week’s update. Happy looting!

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