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10 Video Game Diseases to Avoid

When it comes to video game viruses, the minds of many a gamer may well go to Trojans and malware. However, a


Playing Hover Junkers makes for a pitiful scene: me, alone in my office, crawling around on the carpet, pretending to fire an invisible

Dark Souls 3 port analysis: Durante’s verdict

  Peter “Durante” Thoman is the creator of PC downsampling tool GeDoSaTo and the modder behind Dark Souls’ DSfix. He has previously

How many GPUs can you fit in a single system?

We love checking out the latest technology and seeing it put to good use. Most of the time, that entails amazing games,

Inside the WoW server Blizzard wants to shut down

World of Warcraft was a cultural phenomenon. It made a thunderous impact on those who played it back in 2004, and even

The best pro gaming to watch this weekend

Happy Lies Day, everybody! Hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful day of lies. It’s time to bring the festivities to an end, however,

Sam Lake on Quantum Break and what’s next for Alan Wake

I know the first thing I’d do with the power to stop time: watch a live-action minisode! Heck, I could watch all

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 is coming to Steam in English

Koei Tecmo announced today that Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 is coming to Steam on July 5. “But wait!” you say.

Doom multiplayer beta impressions: the good, the bad and the demons

The Doom closed multiplayer beta is underway. Right now thousands of helmeted space marines are spamming rockets at each other across rivers of

Battleborn system requirements revealed, no 4K support at launch

2K Games has dropped a big Battleborn info dump that helpfully collects everything you ever wanted to know about the upcoming FPS/MOBA