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Divi 2.7 introduces A/B testing for WordPress

If you’re a fan of WordPress, and you build sites professionally, you’ve almost certainly encountered Divi; Elegant Themes’ flagship theme and builder.

Google rolling out Material Design web-wide

Since 2014, Google has been redesigning its apps and services according to its ownMaterial Design principles. Yesterday it announced on its design

In corporate design, humor can be your most powerful tool—or a total disaster

The first of April is a day for jokes. Yesterday, brands including Google, Lexus, Adobe and Virgin America deployed their obligatory April


The Virgin brand is one of the most recognizable and respected in the world. Based on a sketch first drawn on a

Introducing Google Tag Manager for Real World Tags

Google Tag Manager is great for easily deploying and organizing all your site and app tags. But what about the complex problem

Building An Advanced WordPress Search With WP_Query

Many WordPress superpowers come from its flexible data architecture that allows developers to widely customize their installations with custom post types, taxonomies

How To Make A Physiology-Friendly Application For The iPad

If you’ve ever had to move your iPad from one hand to the other just to tap a button you couldn’t reach,

The all new Twitter experience, handcrafted for Windows 10

Connect with people, express yourself, and discover more about the things you love with the Twitter app for Windows 10. Twitter for