First Iron Banner of Destiny: Rise of Iron Begins Next Week

First Iron Banner of Destiny: Rise of Iron Begins Next Week

After a long break, Iron Banner returns to Destiny next Tuesday bringing new weapons and armor for players to earn as well as changes to the way the PvP event works.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is practically themed around Iron Banner. Its story focuses on the Iron Lords, its main quest giver is Lord Saladin, and the Rise of Iron record book rewards armor that will adorn players and equip them to become a new Iron Lord themselves. So, it’s no surprise that Iron Banner is returning for the first time since the launch of Destiny‘s new expansion, with some changes in store.

First off, Iron Banner officially commences on Tuesday, October 4th at 10 a.m. Pacific. For the first time, it will feature Rise of Iron’s new Crucible mode, Supremacy. For those who haven’t played it, it is basically Call of Duty‘s Kill Confirmed mode.

Bungie has also put some changes into how fans rank up in Iron Banner, with the hopes of making it more rewarding. Here is the full list of changes:

  • The Tempered mechanic is gone
  • There are now 4 Weekly Bounties
  • Bounty rewards include:
    • An Iron Banner item not featured on the Vendor
    • A chance at an Iron Banner Artifact or Vanity Item
    • 25 Legendary Marks
    • 750 Iron Banner Reputation
  • Victory in a match grants 250 Reputation
  • Iron Medallions grant 150 Reputation each, upon Victor

If Bungie’s design goes to plan, all these changes should allow players to hit rank 5 sooner, with a focus on completing the weekly bounties and continuing to play throughout the week for more post-match rewards.

As far as weapons go, brand new Iron Banner weapons will be up for grabs, adorned with that Viking, Knights of the Round Table theme. The Unbent Tree auto rifle is in the same family as the Doctrine of Passing—insanely high rate of fire and very low impact. The Proud Spire shotgun will also be in the loot pool, which is a pretty middle-of-the-pack shotgun, especially when compared to all the insanely good Matador 64s running around the Crucible. But with the right perk rolls, it could prove itself.


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Destiny Reveals New Rise of Iron Legendary & Exotic Weapons

Destiny Reveals New Rise of Iron Legendary & Exotic Weapons

New screenshots show legendary and exotic weapons that are coming to Destiny in Rise of Iron, including new sets for the Vanguard, Crucible, vendors, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner.

Destiny‘s developer Bungie has already revealed that the Year One exotic rocket launcherGjallarhorn is making a comeback in Rise of Iron. But Destiny: Rise of Iron, the game’s fall expansion, will bring a full weapon refresh across vendors, factions, and activities.

In a collection of screenshots released by Bungie and Activision, fans can get a glimpse of some of the weapons they will be hunting down this September when Rise of Iron launches. Here they are:

Vanguard, Crucible, & Factions

rise of iron occam's razor

Occam’s Razor

The blue and orange, V-shaped paint scheme on the body of the gun, plus the full Vanguard insignia right below the sight pretty much solidifies that Occam’s Razor is a Vanguard shotgun, likely available from the Vanguard Quartermaster and a possible drop from Legendary Engrams.

rise of iron each new day

Each New Day

This fusion rifle could be either the paint scheme for the new collection of Crucible weapons or it could be a slight alteration of the blue and orange that was on Occam’s Razor above. Expect to find this weapon at the Crucible (or Vanguard) Quartermaster.

rise of iron first citizen ix

First Citizen IX

This heavy machine gun is clearly the property of the New Monarchy faction. And with the newly revealed feature of being able to choose between weapons and armor for faction rank up packages, players should have a clear avenue to this weapon if they so choose.

Iron Banner Weapons

Iron Banner is getting an overhaul in Rise of Iron. The reputation system and bounties are being adjusted with the goal that hitting Rank 5 will take less time but that players will be incentivized to keep playing to get post-match loot drops.

The weapons and gear are also taking a huge departure in design from what has previously been seen in Destiny‘s first two years. The weapons look especially old, adorned with chainmail, blades, and spikes. It is fitting with the Viking and Arthurian legend inspired theme of Rise of Iron that points to the expansion’snarrative involving the Iron Lords.

rise of iron the unbent tree

The Unbent Tree


rise of iron the lingering song

The Lingering Song


rise of iron saladins vigil

Saladin’s Vigil


rise of iron but not forgotten

But Not Forgotten


rise of iron the titanium orchid

The Titanium Orhid


rise of iron winters end

Winter’s End

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Destiny: Rise of Iron Will Make Iron Banner Event More Rewarding

Destiny: Rise of Iron Will Make Iron Banner Event More Rewarding

New details emerge for Iron Banner and how the event is getting reinvented to be more rewarding for players once Destiny: Rise of Iron launches next month.

Destiny is nearing its second anniversary, though the game has evolved quite a bit from what it it was when it first launched. Thanks to numerous updates, fixes, and expansions like The Taken King, Bungie has continued to improve the experience in many ways. Iron Banner, the monthly PvP event that enables level advantages, has also been tweaked quite a bit over the years with more rewards and adjusted gameplay. With the new Rise of Iron expansion on the horizon, Bungie appears to be planning some big changes to the event.

According to Bungie, Iron Banner in Destiny: Rise of Iron will be a reinvention, placing 4 new maps into rotation and completely adjusting how reputation works. The first big change is that the tempered buff, which previously granted additional experience for each day the event was live, is going away. Now, players will need less reputation overall to reach rank 5, meaning those who participate earlier in the week won’t find things as much of a slog to level up as it was previously. The change aims to incentivize players to complete bounties and rank up earlier rather than holding on to everything later in the week.

Bounties are also receiving a significant changes as well. Thanks to player feedback, some of the more difficult or frustrating bounties such as getting a 10 kill streak or getting top overall score are going away. In addition, instead of getting rewarded only at ranks 3 and 5, a weapon or armor piece will be rewarded each and every time a player completes a bounty.

The goal of these Iron Banner changes are to make the event more accessible and fun for players, while rewarding everyone regardless of time spent in the mode. At the same time, Bungie continues to dangle that carrot on a stick for the hardcore players as well by keeping around the rubberbanding effect of increased experience across multiple characters for players who have already hit level 5 with one character.

While Bungie had been slowly dripping news about the upcoming Destiny expansion, the floodgates were opened entirely yesterday thanks to Game Informer. Digital subscribers to the magazine were able to read up on many of the new details including an increased light level that now caps at 400, the return of many class exotic weapons including Thorn, and unique artifacts that enhance players with new abilities. The new Raid known as Wrath of the Machine, was also given a release date on September 23, just three days after Rise of Iron launches.

What was your favorite reveal from yesterday? Are you excited for Rise of Iron or is there something else you’re waiting to hear about? Let us know in the comments.


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Destiny April Update: Everything You Need to Know

image description

The Destiny April Update has now gone live. What’s the best way to prepare? How big is the update? What’s the first thing you should do? Find the answers here.

The first substantial content drop since The Taken King has now launched for Destiny. Here’s everything you need to know to get ready and get the most of the Destiny April Update.


Is it free?

The April Update is free for anyone who owns The Taken King expansion.

How big is the update?

  • PS4: 1718 MB
  • PS3: 1040 MB
  • Xbox One: 1736 MB
  • Xbox 360: 793 MB

Destiny April Update

What’s in the April Update?

  • Increased Light Level cap to 335
  • Two new Prison of Elders modes: (1) a Level 41 version and (2) the new Challenge of the Elders
  • New “Blighted Chalice” Strike
  • Remixed “Takenified” Winter’s Run Strike
  • Updated Light level drops in King’s Fall and Court of Oryx
  • Updated 1-for-1 Infusion System
  • New Chroma and Taken armor sets
  • Updated Year 1 Legendaries and Exotics
  • New Eververse emotes and items
  • “No HUD” Mode
  • Balance changes to select weapons and the Warlock class
  • Updated, higher Light Trials of Osiris gear
  • Higher Light Iron Banner gear
  • Increased Vault Space
  • Fixes a bug that didn’t allow certain Ghost shells to display in menus

Full Patch Notes will be posted by Bungie when the April Update is pushed to Destiny, which will include other minor changes not yet announced by Bungie.

What’s the best way to prepare for the update?

First off, make sure there’s room on your console (see above), although it shouldn’t be a problem except for those really hurting for hard drive space.

Bungie announced today that all the vendor weapons in the Tower will be getting a perk refresh, meaning while the weapons will stay the same, all the perks will be rerolled. So if there are any weapons you still need to pick up, do so now. Some fan favorites are Hung Jury from Dead Orbit, Apple of Discord from the Vanguard Quartermaster, Hawksaw from the Crucible Quartermaster, and The Villainy from Future War Cult.

The other thing lots of players do before an update is called “edging” Faction ranks. That means running Patrol missions or other missions that credit faction reputation and taking it right to the edge before a new rank. That way, once the new gear has been added to the faction rank up packages in the update, players can quickly rank the rest of the way and get a drop.

The last way to prep is to farm engrams. That means going into any PvE activity and shooting stuff. Lots of stuff. Look for and hold onto Legendary Engrams. Also, if you have Three of Coins, pop those on every named yellow-bar enemy for a chance to get an Exotic engram. Hold onto those until after the patch as well. While Bungie hasn’t confirmed whether current engrams will decrypt into new gear post-update, they’re worth holding onto just in case they do.

Destiny April Update Titan

What’s the first thing to do?

Head to the Reef. Variks is the primary quest giver for this update, and he will have a quest or two waiting for all players. Play through the new quest(s).

What’s the fastest way to the new level cap?

If you’re 320 Light, pick up an Elders’ Sigil scorecard from Variks and start running Challenge of the Elders. Reach the score goals and then return it to Variks for one high-level weapon and armor piece per week, per character.

Also, run Court of Oryx tier three for a chance at a maxed 335-Light artifact.

Shaxx’s Weekly Crucible Bounty can also drop 335 Light gear. Pick the bounties up from Shaxx and complete them.

Trials of Osiris will also drop high-level gear. Competing and completing the bounties can net up to 330 gear while going Flawless can net up to 335 Light items.

What if I’m not 320 Light yet?

Run the new Level 41 version of Prison of Elders. It will drop gear that will help players reach 320 Light. Once there, start running Challenge of the Elders.

King’s Fall Normal Mode will also drop 320 Light items, so that is another path up to 320 Light.

How do I earn the updated Year 1 Legendary weapons?

The Year 1 Legendaries being refreshed to the new Year 2 levels will only drop from Vanguard and Crucible faction rank up packages. But Bungie has increased reputation gains from numerous sources and activities so players should be getting more packages more often.

Where do I get new gear?

The new Chroma-enabled and Taken armor drop from Sterling Treasure, a new item. They will drop at Level 3, so they’ll need to be infused to be viable. Here’s how to get Sterling Treasure:

  • One will be delivered weekly via the Postmaster
  • Completing one match in the Weekly Crucible Playlist
  • One will be awarded for completing Challenge of the Elders, once per week

Are Nightfalls worth running anymore?

Drops from Nightfalls are being increased to end-game 335 Light levels. Add them back to the weekly rotation schedule.

Destiny Taken Guardians April Update

A note about leveling:

It’s been a while since players have been on the level grind, but don’t forget how the leveling system works in The Taken King. Engrams will often decrypt at a level slightly higher than your current level. So do not just blaze through a bunch of engrams. Check after each one, and if the new gear is a higher Light level, equip it before decrypting more. This will help stair-step players up the Light ladder a bit.

What about those PlayStation exclusives?

Those playing on PlayStation 3 and 4 get an exclusive quest and some items, including the Zen Meteor exotic sniper rifle. Pick up the quest from Petra Venj in the Reef.

Also, be on the lookout for Sublime Engrams. They are Legendary engrams, but called Sublime. They are guaranteed to drop the new PlayStation-exclusive class armor.

That should get most players started on the Destiny April Update.

Have any tips to share on how to get the most out of the Destiny April Update? Share them in the comments below!


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Destiny: Bungie Reveals the Queen of the Reef’s Fate

image description

Is Destiny‘s Mara Sov, Queen of the Reef dead or alive? Bungie reveals the character’s fate and teases the past version of Destiny‘s story as well as its future.

In Destiny, the Queen of the Reef is a major character in the lore and story of the game. She helps get the player to the original campaign’s last level, and her realm of the Vestian Outpost was heavily featured in Destiny‘s second expansion, House of Wolves.

In the opening cinematic of The Taken King expansion, the Queen, Mara Sov, and her forces are engaged in a grand space battle with Oryx, the titular villain of the expansion. Things quickly turn South for Sov and it appears as though she is destroyed by a giant blast. The Destiny community has said the lore from the game (known as the Grimoire) hints that she still lives, but today Bungie confirmed it to be true—the Queen of the Reef is alive.

The news came during Bungie’s weekly stream, a new endeavor for the developer as it tries to open up communication with its community during this time between content drops. In today’s stream focusing on the Audio Team at Bungie, the voice actor between Mara Sov, Kirsten Potter, was a in-studio guest.

The Queen Kirsten Potter

While talking with Creative Story Lead CJ Cowan, Cowan revealed that Bungie has big plans for Mara Sov in the future of the franchise:

“This is totally spoiling like Destiny 2020 or something but when we get to that world down the road where that original pirate Queen comes out, I think it’s going to be a really powerful moment.”

When he says “original pirate Queen” he is referring to the preceding conversation, where Potter and Cowan were discussing how Destiny‘s story—and the Queen’s character—has changed over development.

In what seemingly confirms previous rumors that Destiny’s original story was scrapped a year away from launch, Potter said Mara Sov’s character completely changed. In the original version of Destiny‘s story, Sov was a space pirate who had “lots of weapons” and who actively fought other characters, presumably in cutscenes that existed in the original story.

Cowan said that during Destiny‘s development the team at Bungie and Potter spent “two to three years working on the version of the Queen […] where she was the pirate.” In essence, she was a much grittier character before the rewrites.

After that time, as Potter says, she was put on break, presumably at the point that Destiny‘s original story written by longtime Bungie veteran Joe Staten was thrown out and rewritten. When Potter was brought back to Bungie to continue work on Destiny she was presented with the version of the Queen fans now know, and told “this is the new story.”

Bungie’s stream turned into a fascinating reveal, not only for the future of Mara Sov’s character, but also giving fans a glimpse into the past. It’s unclear when the Queen may reappear in Destiny‘s story—perhaps she could return for the big Spring update or the major expansion coming this fall. Or she might be missing in action until the full sequel coming next year.

Are you excited to see the Queen return in Destiny at some point in the future?


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