New firmware for the HP Lap Dock improves Elite x3 touchpad experience

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HP has pushed out a small firmware update for the Elite x3’s Lap Dock, which I coincidentally reviewed this morning. The update was first spotted in our forums by Christian_1 who did the update last night.

Since the Lap Dock is so new and part of its update infrastructure is just coming online, I’ll explain how to go about checking and installing the firmware.

First, let’s cover what is new with the Lap Dock’s update.

HP Lap Dock Firmware Revision: T0057

  • Touchpad Support for touchpad physical click, drag and drop
  • Keyboard backlight is on by default and turns off after 15 seconds of no keyboard activity

Obviously, not a huge update, but an important one. The first change refers to how the touchpad relied on single taps to do tasks in Continuum. Now, you can do that and press down to click the touchpad (before, nothing happened with this action). This behavior now mimics how most Windows laptop touchpads operate.

The second piece is important for conserving battery life and is self-explanatory.

How to check and upgrade firmware

HP are building out a very vital ecosystem for the Elite x3. One of the pieces to that puzzle is the HP Device Hub, which is an app that comes pre-installed on the Elite x3 to manage your device, warranty, and regulatory information as well as send feedback directly to HP about your Elite x3. There is also a User Guide and contact support for assistance.

HP are also initiating a push notification service to let the user know of new firmware availability.



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Microsoft is bringing the full Windows 10 experience to mobile chipsets

Chip manufacturer Qualcomm and Microsoft have teamed up to support Windows 10 on mobile computing devices powered by Snapdragon processors.

The first PCs running Windows 10 based on Snapdragon processors are expected to be available as early as next year.

“With compatibility with the Windows 10 ecosystem, the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform is expected to support mobility to Cloud computing and redefine how people will use their compute devices,” said Cristiano Amon, Executive Vice President, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., in a statement.

New Windows 10 PCs powered by Snapdragon processors can be designed to support x86 Win32 and universal Windows apps, including Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office and Windows 10 gaming titles.

“Bringing Windows 10 to life with a range of thin, light, power-efficient and always-connected devices, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform, is the next step in delivering the innovations our customers love,” added Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices Group, Microsoft.



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Skyrim Remaster Aiming to Be ‘next-Gen’ experience

Skyrim Remaster Aiming to Be ‘Next-Gen’ Experience

Bethesda’s vp of advertising says the developer needs Skyrim: special edition to feel like an upgrade for PS4 and XBO in “all the approaches possible.”

Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls: Skryim is one of the qualityselling RPGS of all-time and still has an lively userbase five years after release. So it’s no wonder that Bethesda saw healthy to announce a special edition model of the game at this yr’s E3 for ps 4 and Xbox One.

the game, out this October, will feature some of graphical upgrades and introduce support for Skyrim mods on consoles for the first time. however other than that, Bethesda hasn’t found out an excessive amount of additional data approximately the imminent remaster.

IGN attempted to get Pete Hines, Bethesda’s vp of PR and marketing, to spill the beans in an interview at E3 that changed into posted today. Hines didn’t cross into an excessive amount of element however he did say that the group is aiming to create a realnext-gen” revel in with Skyrim: special version.

“In all of the ways feasible, we’re trying to improve it and make it as subsequent gen and appropriate for those consoles,” Hines stated. “So performance or consequences or anything we can do to make the game appearance and experience higher, we’re gonna deliver it a move.”
The truth that Hines statedoverall performancemight also suggest that Skyrim should see better animations or a better framerate on ps four and Xbox One than on their predecessors. That’s now not extraordinarily sudden however given all of the graphical advancements which might be coming, it’s satisfactory to listen that the general overall performance and playability of the sport is still a concern.

it’ll be interesting to see wherein the very last Bethesda visuals on consoles emerge as when in comparison to some of the mods to be had on laptop. initiatives like beyond Skyrim furnished computer game enthusiasts with better pix than Bethesda’s a long time in the past and extra improvements are on the way. It’s additionally now not clean but what the choice of mods available for the sport on ps four and Xbox One may be, but it’s possibly there might be additional limitations while in comparison to computer.

even as the PS4 and XBO releases appear to be getting maximum of the eye, Bethesda is likewise throwing more than one bones to computer game enthusiasts to get them on board with the new identify. The publisher has showed that Skyrim: special edition will paintings with all present computer mods and delivered that old pc saves must be transferable. computer gamers who already very own Skyrim: legendary version or the main recreation and all of its DLC will get Skyrim special edition totally free.

NeverWinter is coming to Windows 10

This time last year, the massive multiplayer online role-playing game, Neverwinter became available on Xbox One. Today, though, the developers behind the game have announced a new Windows Store version of the game.

With the new version of the game, even more gamers can explore the vast city of Neverwinter and its surrounding countryside. Players will also be able to learn the vivid history of the iconic city in the Forgotten Reams, as well as battle it out with its many enemies. The game also features an in-game currency called Zen which can be purchased with real-world money to give the player access to items and accessories for their character.

While NeverWinter for Windows 10 will be free to buy, players will need an Xbox Live Gold membership to play it, due to the entire game being constantly online. The game is set in the popular Dungeons and Dragons Universe and offers up intense combat combined with classic D&D gameplay, races, customization, and more.


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Marketers Poised to Run the Customer Experience Show, Survey Says

Marketing will shape the customer experience by 2020, based on a recentMarketo study of nearly 500 chief marketing officers and senior marketing executives worldwide. The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted the research on behalf of Marketo.

Marketers Poised to Run the Customer Experience Show, Survey Says

Eighty-percent of the respondents believed their departments would exercise significant influence over business strategy by 2020, and 78 percent expected to have the same influence over corporate technology decisions.

More than half the respondents believed marketing in coming years would be impacted most heavily by a combination of the accelerating pace of technological change, a shift to mobile lifestyles, and the explosion of the Internet of Things.

The survey results suggest a number of changes are on the horizon:

  • Mobile devices and networks, personalization technologies and the IoT will have the biggest impact on marketing organizations by 2020.
  • The billions of possible interactions enabled by the IoT will weaken the mass media further, as companies will connect directly with customers through technology and personalization rather than through media and advertising.
  • Loyalty and customer acquisition will be tied very closely to pioneering new and emerging technologies.
  • Finally, marketers will dominate corporate business strategy and IT by 2020.

Expanding on the Findings

“The advent of technology — specifically marketing automation — enables companies to have these two-way personalized conversations with customers at scale,” remarked Marketo CMO Sanjay Dholakia.

“As technology evolves — such as the rise of virtual reality, augmented reality and the IoT — the number of potential interaction points with customers exponentially multiplies,” he told CRM Buyer. That makes it critical for companies to have “a single customer interaction system of record to effectively and efficiently conduct these conversations.”

Mass media will transform, as shown by the increasing inclusion of digital calls to action in traditional mass media advertising, such as on billboards and in TV commercials, Dholakia suggested.

Customers will interact more with brands across social media, the Web, mobile apps and the mobile Web because “these channels allow for greater personalization,” according to the Marketo survey.

The Problem With IoT Dreams

Whether the IoT can help advance marketing is open to question.

“Just because a consumer’s refrigerator or dishwasher is connected to the Internet does not mean the consumer has a relationship with the brand that produces the appliance,” observed Larry Chiagouris, a professor of marketing at Pace University.

“Most consumers will ignore much of the connectivity until real benefits are delivered to them via the Internet and the things concerned,” he told CRM Buyer.

Marketo is “way aggressive in terms of the timeline,” noted Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group.

“To get where they say companies will be by 2020, we have to be much further than we already are. The direction is correct, but the timing’s off by an order of magnitude,” he told CRM Buyer.

As the IoT progresses, the sensors deployed “will know what you’re doing and where you are,” Enderle noted, “but those data streams are not well defined yet, and they have to flow into a common service, and the marketers have to get access to that data in an uncompromised form.”

Security will continue to be an issue, and the IoT will enable further DDoS attacks, predicted Lamar Bailey, senior director of security R&D for Tripwire.

“The number of connected devices is expected to rise to 4.3 per person by 2020,” he told CRM Buyer. “Couple that with increasing Internet speeds, and it’s a recipe for massive debilitating attacks in the future.”

The Marriage of Marketing and Technology

Customers “are the lifeblood of any business — from their acquisition through to their advocacy on a brand’s behalf,” Marketo’s Dholakia said. By 2020, loyalty, retention, cross-sells and upsells “will become the domain of marketing [that] becomes essential to a much bigger transformation around the customer.”

Marketing will take the leadership role “only when marketers demonstrate that they understand how to leverage tech developments and create real ROI,” contended Pace University’s Chiagouris. “Right now, the IT professionals are in the driver’s seat. Executives from the tech companies, including Oracle and Adobe, are driving the process.”


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The all new Twitter experience, handcrafted for Windows 10

Connect with people, express yourself, and discover more about the things you love with the Twitter app for Windows 10. Twitter for Windows 10 is a Universal Windows App that features a new media rich timeline and shows you photos and Vine videos. You can also see tweets in Live Tiles right from your Start menu.

Twitter image 1

Free to download from the Windows Store, the new and improved Twitter app for Windows 10 sports a cleaner, more potent perch for sharing and following along. See it quicker with a media forward timeline. Share photos privately and upload multiple photos straight from a timeline. And see what’s happening now on Twitter without being logged in. Get the most interesting Tweets from the day optimized for your location even when logged out, a Windows 10 first!

Screenshot (11)

Be part of the conversation like never before with Twitter for Windows 10, download it for free today! You can also read the news Twitter shared on their blog last week.


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