The Ricoh R spherical camera is designed for 360-degree live streaming

Under the new “ruggedized” chassis are internals that mark an improvement on the predecessor in almost every way. The output stream is at 2K and 30 frames per second. The video can be stitched from the two fisheye lenses in real-time and use the EPF (Equirectangular Projection Format) standard for spherical streams. You can output the stream through HDMI or USB as well as stream directly to an SD card for offline use. For live-streaming, Ricoh says you’ll be able to run a stream for a full 24-hours as long as you supply power.

While still not quite photo-realistic VR, it gets close. The Ricoh R should make for a great way to stream 360 videos without spending thousands of dollars.

Developer kits are expected to ship later in 2017.



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Now you can stream live 360 degree video on Twitter!

Micro-blogging website Twitter has introduced a new way to see what is happening on Twitter — through live 360-degree video.

“Users can check out live, interactive 360 videos from interesting broadcasters and explore what’s happening with them. They will be able to get an inside look with well-known personalities and go behind the scenes at exclusive events,” Alessandro Sabatelli, Director of AR and VR at Twitter, said on Wednesday.

Although everyone on Twitter and Periscope can watch live 360 videos, currently only select partners can go live in 360 via Periscope and and will be rolled out more broadly during the coming weeks, Sabatelli pointed out.

When you see a video marked with a LIVE 360 badge, you can interact with it to change what you see by moving your phone or swiping the screen, all while watching live.

You can see what is unfolding behind, above, or below the broadcaster’s view for an immersive experience.

Live 360 video is not just about taking you to places you have never been, it is about connecting you with people and letting you experience something new with them.


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The Game Preview of Happy Dungeons is now live on Xbox One

The special Game Preview of Happy Dungeons is now available to play for free on theXbox One. The Game Preview is a free version of the game for users to play while it’s in development. There are usually bugs and many aspects of the game’s engine and graphics will not be finalized yet but it is playable and is a good opportunity for gamersto get a sense of what the game is about.

Happy Dungeons is a multiplayer roleplaying game and supports up to four players at once in both online and offline modes. Players’ characters can have their looks customized with hair color, weapons, and clothing all interchangeable. Characters’ personalities can also be changed to create a more dynamic play experience.

Here’s the full game description: Cut loose in the dungeons with up to four friends in Happy Dungeons, the cooperative action RPG that’s just made for multiplayer gaming! So grab a pad and enjoy the witty, upbeat storyline that’s never short of a surprise, all set within a bizarre world overflowing with comical characters. Vibrant graphics combine with high-speed, stomach-churning action to give you an experience like nothing else! Customize your character to your heart’s content and go nuts in your own unique way! Embark on the adventure of a lifetime as you join forces with your friends and family to take out those dastardly villains! Are you ready to embrace the challenge with your own party of little lunatics?


Happy Dungeons updates daily with new Daily Dungeons events for players to work through. Other features such as Story Dungeons and Event Dungeons are also updated regularly and new content in the form of fresh items, skills, and character customizations are often added too.


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New Features Boost Sharing via Facebook Live


Facebook on Wednesday announced enhanced Facebook Live video capabilities with additional features to allow members to share live video with friends and family by broadcasting events or sharing video in groups.

Users can go live in Facebook groups so that a group of users or friends or family members can be sent specific video feeds.

The live events capability allows users to feed video from an event such as a birthday party or let a performer give a sneak peek backstage at an event. Users also can use events to schedule a live question-and-answer session, for example.

The Facebook Live feature has an interactive quality, with the ability to post live reactions from viewers, where emojis express instant feedback to a live event and then disappear.

Live Video Activity Explodes

Data collected since the company began live video feeds shows that users get 10 times more comments on live video feeds than regular video postings, Facebook said. It plans to repost comments from live video feeds when they are replayed later.

Facebook also is introducing five live filters as a way to let users personalize their live video feeds. The company plans to introduce the ability to draw or doodle on top of videos.

As a way to share the experience, Facebook will let users invite friends to watch live video along with them, so tapping on the invite icon will alert the friend to accept the invitation after a push notification.

It will alert the masses about the most trending video feeds at any given time, so the mobile app will let users search for live video that is the most talked about at any given time.

A Facebook Live Map for the desktop application allows users in more than 60 countries to search for the hottest trending live videos.

To make it easier to measure the response to videos, Facebook launched metrics to get a feel for the demand for any particular post. Total live viewers for a broadcast and the total number of concurrent live viewers will be available through Page Insights and your Video Library. The figures soon will be available for the API and export.

Enhance the Live Event

Facebook’s expanded live video capabilities is part of an effort to formalize it as a proper media type for individual users and businesses, according to Brian Blau, research vice president at Gartner.

“The unique nature of a live event, one that is personal or one from a brand that is global and well- known, is that it’s live and in the moment,” he told the E-Commerce Times. “Connecting with friends or fans using that live moment as a focal point can enhance the impact of that event, or provide a deeper and more personal experience.”

Facebook also is working to counter the impact of live video sites likePeriscope, which is owned by Twitter, and YouTube, which is reportedly planning to come out with a live interactive video feature, said Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT.

“That’s sensible from a competitive standpoint and also speaks to Facebook’s belief in the increasingly critical role video will play across its business interests,” he told the E-Commerce Times.

Facebook ventured into the live video arena last year when it launched Live for Facebook Mentions, which allowed verifiable public figures to post videos to their fan base, with Q&A sessions, backstage sneak peeks, announcements and other events.

The move comes weeks after a report in VentureBeat that Google has been working on a Periscope competitor called “YouTube Connect.”


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Wildstar’s Destination Arcterra update goes live

Wildstar Destination Arcterra

Wildstar has received its first major content dump since going free-to-play in September last year. Destination Arcterra invites you to explore a frigid continent in following the tale of Drusera and the Entity. Along with its telegraphing, dodge-rolling combat system, Wildstar’s story was a joy, so more of that, please.

There’s also a new dungeon below the wastes, unlocked for one faction every 24 hours based on who reaps the most keys from bosses roaming the zone. Andy has a neat summary for you, but if you’d like the unadulterated, nitty-gritty patch notes, they’re over on the WildStar forums.

We were promised a Steam release for Wildstar in the first half of 2016, which I figured would accompany the release of Arcterra. A cursory search on the Steam Store says otherwise, but I’d be surprised if it’s still far off—launching on Steam could do a lot for a game whose developer recently suffered yet more layoffs.


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Virtual, Augmented Reality Will Change How We Work, Play and Live

Virtual, Augmented Reality Will Change How We Work, Play and Live | Social Media Today

Virtual reality, and its close partner augmented reality, used to be the stuff of science fiction. But now that both technologies have become more practical and accessible, they’re changing the way we handle our personal relationships, professional lives and recreational habits. We’re now able to be part of an experience, or be present for an in-person encounter, without leaving our homes.

VR is the immersion of a user into a computer-generated experience, while AR is a platform that superimposes imagery onto the user’s view of the world. These technologies are founded in our innate need as humans to connect with others and explore, so science has found a way to make that happen, where distance, time or other factors would otherwise be prohibitive. However, some aspects of our lives are more fitting for VR/AR than others. Here are a few areas where I expect technology-enhanced realities be game changers.


The tourism experience has already seen the impact of VR and AR, in hotels, airlines and cruise lines. They’re implementing technology that enables potential travelers to position themselves within an environment before actually booking. Qantas has developed an on-board 3D VR solution for its long haul flights, showing passengers the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and Hamilton Island. Its success in driving tourism to these destinations has led the company to take the technology from pilot version to permanent feature.


Shopping at physical locations brings familiar headaches, but online shopping isn’t also without its drawbacks. VR and AR combine the best of both worlds, to create a shopping experience that’s more personal than the canned stock photos and product descriptions. Trillenium is one company that’s expecting to cash in when the use of consumer-grade VR/AR headsets starts to rise. Shoppers can picture themselves in store, browsing the aisles for products, rather than inputting search terms and hoping to get the right hits. Trillenium’s founder also hopes to develop technology that will help small business owners create their own VR/AR marketplaces as well.


Virtual and augmented reality have been traditionally associated with gaming, but the players will soon become the developers of the experience. Technology enables more gurus to become the storytellers, creators, writers and directors. There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the releases of Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and the HTC Vive, and we’ll see whether the hype is justified in 2016.


VR and AR will make it possible to attend those birthday parties, weddings, graduations and other special occasions – even if you can’t physically travel to the location. We’re not talking about a video chat or Skype; VR/AR can put the user in the room with friends and family to engage in personal encounters.


The flexibility of VR/AR environments makes them ideal for the creation of software and tools, especially for training purposes. Software engineers would potentially be more productive when surrounded by a 3D world, instead of staring a monitor. Surgical interns can actually operate on a “live” human being, rather than using cadavers to learn techniques. VR and AR can also be successful as tools for medical treatments, wherein the disabled can experience walking, those with phobias can engage in exposure treatment and patients suffering from PTSD can confront their triggers in a safe, controlled environment.

Do you think virtual and augmented reality will have a real impact in the coming months? My thinking is that it will have the most pronounced effect in areas where it enhances human connection. I’d like to hear what you think, so please share in the comments.

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