7 Strategies for Optimizing Your WordPress Website


For budding entrepreneurs, WordPress is considered an excellent platform to create websites for their startup or small business. This content management service (CMS) is used by millions of business owners around the world – more than 400 million websites worldwide are powered by WordPress, including more than 100 million in the United States. WordPress sites publish posts every 17 seconds. Most of the top one million websites in the world are powered by WordPress and related to business. These facts clearly show the significance of WordPress as a content management service for businesses of all sizes.

Simplicity, social media integration and the large number of theme options available are key reasons why startups and small businesses prefer WordPress. However, you need to keep several important facts in mind before you think about using WordPress for your business website.


Thousands of free and premium themes are available for those planning to create a WordPress-based website for their startup. However, you need to be careful in selecting a reliable theme from those available. The theme should be flexible and you need to have the ability to make modifications without much hassle.


This is another crucial factor when it comes to creating a website for your startup. You need to look for a managed WordPress hosting service that will help you keep your website up and running at all times. In addition, they should provide regular updates and backups.


Installing too many plugins on your WordPress website will slow its performance. Only add the plugins that you will actively use and delete the rest.


After you finalize WordPress installation, you need to configure it accordingly. For example, you should think about how the comments are moderated, permalinks are set up, and other best practices. This is easily accomplished in WordPress settings and should be done during your initial setup.


Many website visitors will access your site through their mobile devices, so your WordPress-based website needs a responsive mobile interface that will provide a smooth experience for users. Users won’t tolerate much irritation from pinching and pulling.

Adam Farra, CEO of HostGator says, “It can be a bit of a chore to make certain that your site is mobile-friendly. But it’s worth the effort. Doing so will help to assure that your site ranks as highly as possible in search engine results”.


WordPress comes with decent security features, but consider implementing more advanced security measures using plugins and other best practices to deter potential threats. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge says, “I would say that a popular CMS, such as WordPress or Joomla may be considered secure in default installation if they are properly configured, don’t have third-party code and are up to date”.


Consider search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance the visibility of your website on Google and other search engines. Using SEO best practices along with WordPress plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast you’ll be headed in the right direction. In addition to search engine optimization, it’s important to use the new SEO (Social Engine Optimization) as well. Establish an active presence on the social media networks where your customers spend the most time and you’ll quickly build a brand people trust.

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Google is hitting the road—literally—for user feedback

Google is hitting the road -- literally -- for user feedback

In this Wednesday, March 9, 2016 photo, Google User Experience Researcher John Webb, background, Dawn Herman, left, Henry Liang, center, and Victoria Sosik pose for a photo with Google’s User Experience van in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Google is about to embark on an old-school search, swapping its Internet algorithm for a custom-built van that will cruise across the U.S. to find out how people use its online services and react to new features.

The white van emblazoned with Google’s colorful logo and an invitation to “shape the future” of the world’s most powerful Internet company is scheduled to pull out Monday on a six-week road trip.

Google is using the van to help it break out of its Silicon Valley bubble. The van will make multiday stops in seven states, stopping near colleges, libraries, parks and some of Google’s own regional offices in hopes of finding out how average Americans are using the company’s multitude of digital offerings.

About 500 walk-up volunteers will be invited to step inside the van designed to serve as a mini-version of Google’s Silicon Valley laboratories, where most of the company’s user studies are conducted.

Once inside, researchers will watch, question and record how the volunteers use apps and other services on their smartphones in sessions that will last 15 to 90 minutes. They will receive gift cards and Google t-shirts in return for their time.

A few may even get a glimpse at ideas that Google’s engineers are still refining before the company decides whether to release them as products to the general public.

Google is hitting the road -- literally -- for user feedback
In this Wednesday, March 9, 2016 photo, Google User Experience Researcher John Webb, left, Research Program Manager Henry Liang, center, and User Experience Researcher Victoria Sosik run a pilot study inside Google’s User Experience van in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

The plan to build a research lab on wheels grew out of Google’s recognition that most people don’t live and think the same way as the population living in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the company does most of its user research.

In this geeky and affluent area, the day’s biggest worry sometimes boils down to how long it will take to summon an Uber ride to a fancy restaurant.

“We are trying to understand the whole end-to-end experience, which is why we are trying to get out to more locations and see more people so we can gather more context,” says Laura Granka, a lead Google researcher focusing on Internet search and maps.

Google is usually in the thick of the action on people’s computers and mobile devices, with seven different services boasting at least 1 billion users: Internet search, YouTube, maps, Chrome browser, Android software for mobile devices, Google Play and Gmail.

Traveling the country in search of more diverse opinions makes sense to San Diego State University marketing professor Steven Osinski, although he suspects the van’s road trip is more of a goodwill tour than a data-gathering expedition.

Google is hitting the road -- literally -- for user feedback
In this Wednesday, March 9, 2016 photo, Research Program Manager Henry Liang, uses an iPhone during pilot study inside Google’s User Experience van in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

“I don’t know how much more they are going to learn that they are not aware of right now,” Osinski says. “With just one van, whatever data they get is likely to be very anecdotal. It will be a good public-relations story, but it doesn’t really strike me as a real game changer in terms of research.”

Granka, however, says Google’s marketing department didn’t have any involvement with the upcoming tour.

“It is purely driven by research and our desire to reach and understand more of our users,” she said.

The journey marks another step in Google’s evolution from a freewheeling company that routinely introduced services with a “beta” tag to signify they hadn’t been thoroughly tested.

Releasing products in test form hatched some hits, including Google News and Gmail, but it also produced some embarrassing duds. The list of flops includes a confusing document-sharing tool called Wave, a short-lived virtual world called Lively and a privacy-invading social network called Buzz.

Now, Google is taking a more deliberate approach that relies on more extensive research before its products hit the market.

In another sign of its transformation, Google last year folded itself into Alphabet Inc., a holding company that oversees many of the experimental projects, or “moonshots,” that formerly came out of Google.

After leaving New York, the van will be stopping in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, from Monday through March 18; Clemson, South Carolina, March 21-22; Atlanta, March 23-25; Boulder, Colorado, April 4-8; Salt Lake City, April 11-15; Reno, Nevada, April 18-20; and South Lake Tahoe, California, April 21-22.

If the trip yields helpful insights, Google plans to send the van on several shorter junkets to cities across the country later this year and may eventually hit the road in other countries.

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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake Shows Off First Gameplay

image description

Just weeks after the fan collective Apeiron announced that aStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake is underway, gameplay footage of the project surfaces on YouTube.

The gaming world was sent into a state of frenzy a few months ago when rumors surfaced that aStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake may be in the works. That rumor turned out to be false, but when fan effort known as Apeiron stepped forward and announced their own remake just a few weeks ago, a new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic may actually soon be a reality. And based on some in-game footage that’s recently been released, it looks like the Apeiron team are putting together something special so far.

After being given the greenlight from Apeiron, YouTuber MrMattyPlays was the first to show some gameplay footage from the Knights of the Old Republic remake, and his four minute video reveals some very interesting details about the upcoming game. It must be noted that the gameplay footage was taken from a very early pre-alpha build of the game, so it appears that it will be some time before development of the remake will be complete.

One big takeaway from the footage is that it is in first-person rather than the third-person perspective from the original Knights of the Old Republic. Granted that this won’t be the first instance of a Star Wars FPS game, but it is an interesting development direction that Apeiron is going in. The video then shows off some very impressive reinterpretations of four Knights of the Old Republic levels: Lower City Taris, Upper City Taris, Endar Spire, and Anchorhead on Tattooine.

The footage doesn’t have much in the way of combat or gameplay, and is more of a tech demo for what the final game may look like, but the work Apeiron has done so far is incredibly impressive. For those wanting to see the Knights of the Old Republic remake gameplay footage themselves, check it out here.

While this is all impressive work from the Apeiron team, the biggest issue that may cripple the project is Disney. Regardless of where fan allegiances may lie, Star Wars is still the intellectual property of Disney, and the multimedia giant may not be too keen on seeing a high-quality project like this competing with some of their own games –  just ask the creators behind the recently-canceled Metal Gear Solid remake.

Remaking one of the best Star Wars games ever is a tall task, but based on what’s been revealed, it looks like Apeiron is doing an admirable job so far. Let’s just hope that the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake may actually see the light of day rather than being shuffled off to the cancelled video game graveyard.

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Opinion: Fable Legends Was Doomed From The Start

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In the wake of the recent closure of Lionhead Studios and cancellation of Fable Legends, one Game Rant writer examines the troubling development pattern which may have signaled its fate.

Microsoft shocked a lot of people earlier this week when it announced that Danish studio Press Play and the long running UK developer Lionhead Studios were being shut down. Not only that, but that Fable Legends (a game Lionhead Studios had been working on for a number of years and was currently beta testing) was also being cancelled.

Acquired by Microsoft in 2006, Lionhead Studios was well known for creating franchises like the god game Black and White and The Movies. The studio’s crowning achievement however was the popularFable series, which actually may have been better known thanks to the over-enthusiastic ideas and features that former creator Peter Molyneux would detail leading up to release, only for the games to not quite live up to those promises. While the franchise has enjoyed a lot of success early on with the first three Fable titles, the series has fallen off a bitas the studio has since deviated from the traditional formula to produce unsuccessful spin offs like Fable: The Journey and Fable Heroes. While fans may never know what kind of game Fable Legends may have become, it’s not hard to speculate based on its current track record.

Fable Legends' Heroes

Fable Legends began development back in 2012 and was first announced all the way back in 2013as a full retail game. Oddly enough, it would be almost a full year later until actual gameplay was shown pitting four random heroes against a villain character that could manipulate the map in order to try and stop the heroes from making it to the end. A closed beta program was also announced and kicked off later that year. It is at this point you could argue that the wheels were starting to come off, as multiple delays would follow and even stranger yet, Microsoft made the decision in early 2015 to completely overhaul mechanics and turn it into a free-to-play style game.

Characters could be purchased individually if players wanted, but ultimately, thanks to a free character roster that would change weekly, players could play at no charge. The game was alsoannounced for Windows 10, which also seemed to foreshadow Microsoft’s future plans to unite the PC and Xbox One markets by bringing former exclusive games like Quantum Break to Windows 10 using a cross buy/cross-save system. The fact that three years into development, the entire game was overhauled into a free-to-play model should have raised some eyebrows.

This year would have marked the fourth full year of development for a game that still didn’t have a solid release window. While many games can and have survived a long development cycle such asThe Division, which just launched, Fable Legends remained a game that was all too secretive, going on media blackouts for years on end and keeping the closed beta under a strict NDA. Even its E3 presence felt a little off this past year, almost like the game included out of some sense of obligation. Without decent gameplay videos to show off the mechanics and how things worked, however, selling the public on the title was becoming increasingly difficult.

Fable Legends Screenshot - Shroud (Gamescom 2014)

In my opinion, these examples are all signs that either the developer was having a tough time nailing the gameplay mechanics or the publisher was beginning to have a lack of faith in the title. I believe it’s a mix of both and after reading through the closure announcement again, the following quote seems pretty telling of how Microsoft may have felt:

“These changes are taking effect as Microsoft Studios continues to focus its investment and development on the games and franchises that fans find most exciting and want to play.”

What sticks out to me here is the phrase “fans find most exciting and want to play.” Fable Legends is a game that has struggled over the years to sell itself to the populace to the point where it’s entirely possible that the community never even really got on board with the project. Even though the franchise had been somewhat in decline following the release of two underwhelming entries, many fans had been hoping to see the series return to form with an announcement of Fable 4. When Fable Legends was announced and it was discovered that the game ditched the familiar third-person adventure RPG systems for an asynchronous 4 v 1 experience, fans may have already made up their minds about the game.

With so much time and money having been sunk into this project, Microsoft no doubt got to a point where it really had to evaluate where things were and decide if pulling the plug made more sense than dropping any additional resources into the title. Games in this genre are also becoming more common place these days, with such titles as Evolve experiencing a rapid drop off in its player baseafter the first month, it’s entirely possible that Microsoft took these facts into consideration and ultimately could not justify the risk.

As beta updates continued to roll out as late as Friday, March 4, there’s no doubt that this was a last minute decision that no one really saw coming. It has been a while since a proper Fable game released and sadly, it appears that gamers may never see another entry. With Lionhead Studios no longer in the fold, it will be interesting to see if the Fable IP is assigned to a different studio or left behind entirely.

How do you feel about Fable Legends being cancelled and Lionhead Studios shutting down? Let us know in the comments.


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A new version of ‘The Dress’ is tearing the internet apart

BLOODY hell, internet. Stop trying to tear us all apart.

One year on from The Dress debate (otherwise known as the most scandalous and dividing controversy of our time), a similar post is setting Tumblr alight.

Behold… The Jacket.

Blue and white, or black and brown? Or maybe green?

Blue and white, or black and brown? Or maybe green?Source:Supplied

Tumblr user poppunkblogger uploaded the image with the caption, “I hate to make a new blue/black white/gold dress meme but my friend has this jacket and she says it’s white and blue but i see black and brown pls tell me what you see”.

Social media is divided, with many people seeing blue and white, others seeing black and brown, and a few even finding it to look green and gold.

Some people are also saying the colour changes depending on what device you’re viewing it on.

You’ll undoubtedly remember The Dress that sparked enormous debate last year. The internet was in a fierce battle over whether it was blue and black or white and gold.

Remember this hideous, soul-crushing monstrosity?

Remember this hideous, soul-crushing monstrosity?Source:Supplied

Scientists explained this phenomenon, saying that our perception of colour depends on our ability to analyse the amount of ambient light in the visual. When this light is missing, we have to draw our own conclusions, and can thus perceive the colour in different ways.

But damn it, internet. Enough is enough. We’re pretty sure The Dress alone caused millions of violent arguments, gruesome homicides and messy divorces around the world. We don’t need this sh*t again.

Let us all join hands, burn The Jacket, and stand around it singing Kum Ba Yah. Case closed.


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IT Security Teams Are Stretched to the Limit

Heterogeneity Rules

The growth of virtualization and cloud computing—and the nimble and responsive architectures they enable—has brought companies unquestioned benefits, ranging from increased business agility to reduced application costs. But the heterogeneous environments most companies are now overseeing also have brought unprecedented complexity and vulnerability. With so many sub-environments and so much cross-application traffic to monitor—not to mention an increasingly sophisticated and fast-growing population of bad guys to safeguard against—it’s become difficult for enterprises to even detect a threat, much less respond in a timely fashion. Such is the inescapable takeaway from a recent survey that the SANS Institute conducted for adaptive security vendor Illumio. “When it comes to limiting damage and preventing data breaches, time continues to be the biggest challenge for security and risk professionals,” said SANS analyst Dave Shackleford, author of “The State of Dynamic Data Center and Cloud Security in the Modern Enterprise” report. “If our security stance is going to improve, we need better visibility, the ability to make configuration changes faster and to contain attacks more quickly.” The survey polled 430 security and risk professionals from the SANS community.

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The Facebook crusade of polarising Australian ‘aid worker’ Oliver Bridgeman

Terrorist or aid worker? The Australian Government and Oliver Bridgeman are telling competing stories.

TWO months ago, Queenslander Oliver Bridgeman was jovial, flexing his muscles and joking with the camera in a video posted to Facebook. He was bragging about the school he’d built “with his own hands”.

The 19-year-old was filmed in another video running past an armed guard to spray-paint “#FREESYRIA” on a concrete wall topped with barbed wire. The reward, he said, was worth the risk.

It’s not an activity typically associated with a terrorist, but then Bridgeman says he’s not a terrorist. The Australian Government begs to differ — on Friday the Immigration Department cancelled the Toowoomba-born teen’s passport and ordered he hand it in to the nearest consular post in Turkey.

Trapped in Syria, Bridgeman is back on Facebook, pleading his case and telling the world how he misses home. It could be a while before he sees it again.


On Friday, following the news his passport was cancelled, Bridgeman wrote: “No matter what the Australian Government say or do, they know that I’m here to help humanity and especially the people of Syria.”

Months earlier he wrote: “Not all those who wander are lost.”

They are the same messages he’s been pushing since March last year when he boarded a flight to the Middle East despite telling friends and family he was destined for Indonesia.

His parents, who have not been named, said in a statement in May they had no idea their son was travelling to Syria. They defended him against reports he joined the Al-Nusra Front, an affiliate of al-Qaeda.

“We do not believe he is participating in fighting of any kind, nor do we believe he is supporting or participating in terrorist acts.

Bridgeman’s lawyer, Alex Jones, said the government’s decision to cancel the teen’s passport is “nonsensical”.

“The Australian Government has stranded a Queensland teenager in a foreign country,” Mr Jones said.

“This has happened at a time when Mr Bridgeman was organising to come home and had been communicating and fully co-operating with authorities.”

Behind the scenes, Bridgeman thought everything was lining up for a successful return to home soil. He’s kept quiet, stayed out of the media and was waiting for the green light. It never came. An appeal against the decision will be filed on Monday but the government appears determined to keep him out of Australia.


Immigration Minister Peter Dutton responded to criticism over the decision by saying the government will take a hands-off approach to helping any Australian in Syria, regardless of why they’re there..

“People who go off into conflict zones — even if they’re well intentioned — ultimately can cause significant grief and stress for their own families,” Mr Dutton said on Saturday.

“This is something people should contemplate before they go — not when they’re in the middle of a conflict zone.”

He said helping Australians get out of Syria “puts our own military staff and personnel at risk”.

The Bridgeman decision comes as the Australian Government reveals at least one person every day is being hauled off a plane from Australia to the Middle East.

Oliver Bridgeman converted to Islam before flying to the Middle East. Now he wants to come home.

Oliver Bridgeman converted to Islam before flying to the Middle East. Now he wants to come home.Source:Facebook

Figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph show there have been 652 offloads since counter-terrorism unites were deployed at all Australian airports.

Bridgeman says he’s not one of them. In fact, he’s the opposite of a terrorist — kind hearted, generous, willing to help those in need.

“The sun is shining bright over Aleppo today,” he wrote on Facebook 10 days ago.

“Let’s hope we don’t get more bombs falling like yesterday. When the Russian strikes nearly hit that school my heart sank. I’m so glad that I didn’t have to see any dead children.

“My first time in Aleppo city and I’m still taking it all in. Despite the Russian strikes these people are so resolute.”


Between posts showing the destruction of the assault on Syria — wheelbarrows covered in blood, Syrian hospital staff helping the wounded — Bridgeman posts photographs of young children.

“Every time I head out to the refugee camps and see the conditions these people live in definitely makes me thankful for the blessings Allah has given me and every one back home,” he wrote on February 21.

“I love these kids with all my heart.”

On other days he thinks about his own predicament, about life in Darling Downs and the family he left behind.

“I get those days when I really miss home. I always remind myself that I’m here to help rebuild what the Syrians once called home.”

Bridgeman claims he is working with frontline aid organisation Live Updates from Syria. The group wrote a message of support for the Australian following the cancellation of his passport.

“It has become evidently clear that the western governments have one rule for Muslims and another for non Muslims,” the organisation posted.

Queenslander Oliver Bridgeman says he’s in Syria to help children affected by war. Picture: Oliver Bridgeman/Facebook

Queenslander Oliver Bridgeman says he’s in Syria to help children affected by war. Picture: Oliver Bridgeman/FacebookSource:Supplied

“Why is there one rule for Australian citizens like Matthew Gardner who fought with the Peshmerga Kurdish militia openly and then returned home without charge?

“Is Oliver Bridgeman’s only crime the fact that he is a Muslim?”

Bridgeman’s lawyer says his only option now is to apply for a temporary travel document but the main goal will be to have his passport reinstated. In the meantime, the Australian remains in Syria, a country declared the fifth most dangerous place in the world for aid workers, behind only Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan.

He’s dodging bombs and sniper attacks and says the streets are deserted.

“People have fled to escape the horrifying possibility of being seiged by the Assad government and it’s Allies,” he wrote from Aleppo on Friday.

“The constant bombing by Russian planes and the possibility of being sniperd by Iranian soldiers, this city has become to dangerous to live in for some. Please keep them in your prayers.”


[Source:- News.com]

The Division Won’t Have Microtransactions, Says Ubisoft Dev

image description

Ubisoft Community Manager Natchai Stappers confirms over Twitter that Tom Clancy’s The Division will not feature any microtransactions or any ‘pay to win’ feature.

In recent years, microtransactions has become an increasingly common – and unpopular – feature in many video games, so much so that gamers have been dissuaded from buying games that carry this option. With only one week to go before The Division is released, Ubisoft has announced that their upcoming third-person shooter won’t feature microtransactions, something that is sure to be welcome news for all gamers.

After Ubisoft nixed the idea of adding a level skip microtransaction to the game, Ubisoft Community Manager Natchai Stappers has recently taken to Twitter to confirm that The Division will indeed not feature microtransactions or any “pay-to-win” feature.


What muddles this statement from Stappers is that just last month, Ubisoft announced DLC plans for The Division, revealing that vanity packs could be bought as DLC. There isn’t really a proper definition for microtransactions in video games – when is DLC not a microtransaction? – but at least Ubisoft is not deliberately strong-arming gamers into buying DLC by locking out parts of the game until it is paid for. At the moment, it appears that microtransactions are not required for The Division, and any purchasable extras are optional won’t affect gameplay – not that this will appease those gamers who lament any microtransactions in any game that’s not free-to-play.

This certainly isn’t the first time that microtransactions have grabbed the headlines for a popular game. When Bungie announced their controversial decision to add microtransactions to Destiny, it was met with considerable displeasure by gamers. Similarly, players weren’t too happy over Ubisoft’s decision to add optional microtransactions in Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate as a method of accelerated progression.

It appears that there is a bit of a fine line between microtransactions and DLC. Some gamers are fine with paying a little extra for games and add-ons, but many expect to get their money’s worth in extra content if they’re planning on dropping more money on top of a $60 game. While there will be outfit and weapon skins for sale in The Division, they’re only a small part of Ubisoft’s DLC plans, and it appears that the upcoming expansions will be quite extensive.

Having said that, Ubisoft has had a bit of a history of unsavory DLC practices, so it remains to be seen how all this will play out for The Division.


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The all new Twitter experience, handcrafted for Windows 10

Connect with people, express yourself, and discover more about the things you love with the Twitter app for Windows 10. Twitter for Windows 10 is a Universal Windows App that features a new media rich timeline and shows you photos and Vine videos. You can also see tweets in Live Tiles right from your Start menu.

Twitter image 1

Free to download from the Windows Store, the new and improved Twitter app for Windows 10 sports a cleaner, more potent perch for sharing and following along. See it quicker with a media forward timeline. Share photos privately and upload multiple photos straight from a timeline. And see what’s happening now on Twitter without being logged in. Get the most interesting Tweets from the day optimized for your location even when logged out, a Windows 10 first!

Screenshot (11)

Be part of the conversation like never before with Twitter for Windows 10, download it for free today! You can also read the news Twitter shared on their blog last week.


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Nokia’s return to the smartphone market set in 2016, revealed CEO

Last month, on May 12, 2015, Nokia just celebrated their 150th anniversary, making it one of the longest-life smartphone manufacturers in the world. One month later, we have their Nokia CEO announced with the press about a promising coming back: Nokia’s return to the smartphone market with Nokia Android!! Isn’t it just exciting and worth waiting for the Nokia Comeback in 2016?

nokia c1

Nokia’s return to the smartphone battle has already been set to come. Although most of this Finnish technology company was sold to Microsoft in a multi-million dollar deal which completed last year, there are still parts belong to the long-standing brand. In the Nokia’s return, the Giant will be focusing on designing and licensing only.

Nokia’s return: Watch out, competitors! The Giant is coming back

They are thinking of partnering with some different third parties to provide Nokia’s design and let those companies manufacture and launch final products, said CEO Rajeev Suri to German Publication, the “Manager Magazin”, when announcing Nokia’s return. Under an agreement with Microsoft, Nokia is not allowed to use its brand on phones until Q4 of 2016. So if everything goes right, the world-famous Nokia will come back to the smartphone market in 2016. “We will look for suitable partners,” says Suri. “Microsoft makes mobile phones. We would simply design them and then make the brand name available to license.”

Nokia Comeback 2016: Promising a dream flagship?

Recently, even before the news of Nokia’s return was revealed, there have been leaking rumors about an amazing Nokia Power Ranger concept. The device is spotted with 512GB and Dual-Boot, which has drawn attention of huge amount of users worldwide. Now, together with the returning of the Giant, we have all the proof to hope that the dream device will come true soon. It’s been really long since we last heard the name Nokia in smartphone retailers and showroom. Hope the Finnish Giant will bring out something extraordinary like the long awaited Nokia C1 Android Smartphone!


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