This new Microsoft design patent is unlikely to be the Surface phone

Patently Apple goes a bit heavy with the speculation especially since their earlier find from February shared some resemblance of what was eventually Surface Studio. I call that luck as most patent filings rarely become actual products. Back to this patent, no information about the features, hardware, or materials used are mentioned making the filing pretty basic.

Oddly, the Patently Apple author goes on a tangent about pens, Apple, Samsung, and how Microsoft could be bringing inking to Mobile (a forgone conclusion already). They then cite FIG. 7 with the following conclusion labeled in their image:

However, what we can clearly see is that a Surface smartphone is likely to support their Surface Pen. Like the Samsung Note-styled embodiment, a slot has been designed into the body of the design at the top.

Of course, to our eyes, it only looks like a standard 3.5mm headphone jack like the kind you used to find on every smartphone in the world. I’m not sure when we started confusing headphone jacks with pen slots. 2016 is a weird year, and I suppose Apple fans have already moved on from ‘headphone-gate’ by forgetting it ever existed? I dunno.

The bottom of the phone has a single port, which again looks like an old micro USB slot and not quite the symmetrical USB Type C design we are accustomed too.

Frankly folks, I don’t see anything interesting here. This design patent is a generic filing on what could easily be the Lumia 640. In fact, the patent cites Micromax, Sony Xperia, LG Optimus, Lumia 830, and the Lumia 530 – all phones from 2012-2014 – under ‘other publications’ for the patent’s references.

Microsoft has some exciting stuff in the pipeline for sure, but please don’t go spreading this around as ‘proof’ of a ‘Surface Phone.’ Facts and data are still necessary, not a generic drawing based on yesteryear’s inspiration.



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los angeles Noire Successor unlikely to launch, Says Developer

LA Noire Successor Unlikely to Release, Says Developer

A former producer at group Bondi confirms that the Australian-based group is no longer working on Whore of the Orient, which become supposed to be a successor to L.A. Noire.

on the time of its release, L.A. Noire became one of the maximum costly video video games ever produced, having been in development for nearly 10 years. all the money and time spent developing the game regarded to repay, as the sport earned great vital acclaim and controlled to promote over five million copies. regardless of this achievement, the crew behind L.A. Noire may additionally by no means have the opportunity to launch their next sport, a mysterious title referred to as Whore of the Orient.

Whore of the Orient hasn’t been mentioned by using the former builders at crew Bondi, now referred to as KMM games, since an replace turned into published in 2013. today, one among Whore of the Orient‘s former producers, Derek Proud, in the end broke his silence at the title, expressing his doubts that it would ever be launched to the public.

according to Proud, the team running on Whore of the Orient have stopped improvement on the challenge altogether. He brought that he respects the group and the paintings they did finishing L.A. Noire, even though Whore of the Orient‘s similarly tough development didn’t have a satisfied finishing.
For the uninitiated, Whore of the Orient became nearly cancelled in 2013 till the Australian authorities stepped in with $two hundred,000 to help the sport finish improvement. alas, it appears as although that extra funding supplied by way of the authorities has because been burned thru, and with not anything of substance to expose for it, it seems not going that Australia might be dedicating any greater finances closer to the development of Whore of the Orient.

As previously said, L.A. Noire changed into additionally stuck in improvement hell for some time, with publishing duties for the game switching fingers from Sony to Rockstar games mid-improvement. irrespective of its afflicted past, the software program’s advancements in motion seize technology have meant massive matters for the gaming enterprise, and now many blockbuster online game titles use comparable tech. it’d were interesting to look if Whore of the Orient driven the enterprise forward in any significant ways like L.A. Noire did, so it’s surely disappointing for fans to examine that the sport is not in lively improvement.

It’s well worth noting that Proud didn’t outright verify Whore of the Orient‘s cancellation, but at this factor it appears not going that the sport will ever be launched. enthusiasts of the Rockstar-published detective romp will simply ought to keep their hands crossed that Rockstar video games eventually pursues an L.A. Noire sequel, because the corporation has formerly mentioned.