3 Types of Business Videos that Perform Impressively on Social Media

As more businesses have started to publish videos on social media, the competition to get noticed by viewers has become a lot more intense. That being said there is a lot that you can learn from the business videos that being published by others – most notably which types of videos perform impressively.

If you’d like to find out the types of business videos that often outperform others, there are three in particular that you should focus on:

  • ‘Behind the scenes’ brand culture videos

As their name implies these videos provide viewers with a peek behind the curtain so they can see what goes on in a brand’s offices. Not only do viewers find the fact that they are authentic to be appealing, but they can also help to reinforce a brand’s image and build on it. More importantly if you use this type of video it will show the people behind your brand, rather than it simply being a faceless business entity.

  • How-to guides and tutorials

Generally how-to guides and tutorials are one of the most popular type of video – and for good reason. Because of their nature they are useful to viewers and help them to learn new things or solve problems that they may be having. As a business you can use this video to indirectly promote your products or services as well, by showing them in action.

  • Customer stories or case studies

While video testimonials are useful for businesses in their own right, on social media it is customer ‘stories’ or case studies that tend to perform more impressively. Simply put these are personal stories that are normally narrated by the customer that let viewers know about their personal experiences. Generally these videos tend to be used for marketing products, but they can equally be part of a brand strategy.

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