3 Fun Office Décor Ideas

Working in the corporate world can leave employees feeling like they are cogs in the machine. A boring, sterile office environment can sap creative energy and motivation. Sprucing up the workspace can boost morale and productivity.

1. Create a Theme

Every company has its own unique culture. Some embrace innovation, while others prefer a traditional atmosphere. Figure out what type of décor fits the company’s values when decorating. Even if there are traditional elements, like an open room filled with pre owned cubicles, it can be customized. Select a color scheme that matches the theme and paint the walls, ceiling and trim. Accentuate the office with paintings, knickknacks and rugs.

2. Incorporate Natural Elements

Fresh air and natural light can both provide amazing boosts in productivity. If possible, add windows or skylights to flood the office with natural light. This will not only improve staff members’ moods but also save money on energy costs. Plants not only look attractive, but they also provide a source of fresh air or pleasant fragrances. Depending on the available space, potted plants can be placed around the office, or a pond or fountain put in to create a soothing spot to relax.

3. Encourage Personalization

In a traditional office space, employees spend 40 hours a week or more at work. Encouraging staff members to decorate their spaces will make them feel more connected to their workspace and feel like they are valued and appreciated. Allowing them to personalize their space with rugs, mementos or posters can make them feel happier, which can increase their productivity.

It can be easy to think that providing workers with basic furniture and supplies is all that is needed when creating an office space. However, taking the time to create an attractive, welcoming atmosphere can have a big impact on staff members’ motivation and contentment.