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Huawei has developed its own operating system as a ‘plan B’ in case it’s barred by the US government from using Google and Microsoft products

The Chinese tech giant Huawei confirmed it has developed its own operating system that could replace Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows should

This operating system may be more powerful, secure than Windows and Apple

With Windows owning 87% of the operating system market share and Apple owning only about 10%, according to NetMarketShare, that’s a tiny

Windows 10 privacy settings: How to stop Microsoft from spying on you

When Windows 10 was first launched, Microsoft was heavily criticised by consumer advocates who said the new operating system collected too much

Skanska brings smart building operating system to Hungary

Developer Skanska has announced a project introducing the company’s groundbreaking smart building operating system to Budapest . Users will be able to


Free and open source software (FOSS) was a recurring theme during many of the talks during the HOPE XII conference, which should

American Airlines flights resume after company experiences brief nationwide outage

An American Airlines Boeing 737 passenger plane taxis from a gate to the runway at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington,

Google invests USD 22 mln in KaiOS feature phone operating system

A feature phone is a mobile phone that incorporates features such as the ability to access the Internet and store and play

Windows XP 2018 Edition is the operating system Microsoft should be making

Despite Microsoft ending support for Windows XP back in 2014, it’s still in use around the world. The latest usage figures from NetMarketShare give

A beginner’s guide to Linux

Many people have heard of Linux, but most don’t really know what it is.  Linux is an operating system that can perform

We need a new Operating System for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

This article is brought to you based on the strategic cooperation of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum. Author: Murat Sönmez, Head of the