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The Essential Eight: Operating System Patching

What Is It? One could probably argue that this is no different than Patching Applications, which I covered in Part 2 of this

Microsoft is force upgrading some Windows 10 users to version 21H2

Microsoft has updated a page on its Windows Health Dashboard to say that if you’re on Windows 10 version 20H2, it’s soon going to

Top 20 Linux Blogs You Should Follow in 2020 [Updated]

Learning Linux was never as easy as it is today. Several of the Linux blogs have been published and yes they prove

How to enable SNMP on your operating system

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), that has accompanied IT professionals for decades, is available on a large number of devices and

Windows 11 has arrived, but here’s why not everyone will get the upgrade yet

Windows 11 started its wide rollout on Oct. 5 — the first major upgrade in six years. Windows 11 is available as a free

9 IoT Operating Systems To Use in 2021 [List & Comparison]

The operating systems that control IoT devices aren’t nearly the same as typical desktop or server OSs like Windows and Mac OS…

Operating Systems Theory and Designs Final Project

Describe features of contemporary operating systems and their structures. There are three major players for contemporary Operating System these are the most

Blogging about Midori

Enough time has passed that I feel safe blogging about my prior project here at Microsoft, “Midori.” In the months to come,

How to Make a Computer Operating System

Learning the Basics Take some basic Computer Science courses. Unlike developing for the web, creating an operating system requires a strong understanding of

Futurezone article “An Operating System for Quantum Computers”

The Innsbruck company ParityQC has developed a groundbreaking blueprint and an operating system for quantum computers. Quantum computers could, in the future,