Introducing Google Tag Manager for Real World Tags

Google Tag Manager is great for easily deploying and organizing all your site and app tags. But what about the complex problem of tags in the real world? Libraries, dentist offices, and college universities are a big mess of file folders with complex tagging systems. (The Dewey Decimal System for example dates all the way back to 1876!) Street artists have to manually spray paint their tags, and retailers have to keep track of tags on their wares. Conservationists and marine biologists tag animals such as sharks in order to fully understand their behaviors. But how to wrangle your universe of real-world items is the question.

The Tag Manager team thought deeply about this issue and decided there had to be a better way to manage the broad spectrum of real world tags. Finding things like folders by numerical sorting in stacks of thousands is simply too difficult. What if one is out of place? That’s why today we’re excited to announce Google Tag Manager for real world tags!

Simply place the patented Google Tag Manager RFID tag on what you want to manage, such as the above LP, and we’ll do the rest.

Feature Overview 
Google Tag Manager for real world tags seeks to automagically inventory, categorize and help manage your real world tags no matter what variety they are. And by using the power of the cloud, the hard work will get done for you!

Once placed on the desired item, Google Tag Manager for real world tags will create a record of that item in your Tag Manager dashboard. Now you have a record of this item from your mobile device or workstation, so you can manage it from anywhere in the world.

Automatic Categorization 
We’ll automatically determine what’s going on with your items and scan their contents in real-time. So whether you’re tagging a shark, or just tagging your lunch in the break room refrigerator, our tag management technology will discern what’s being tagged appropriately, and help you easily turn on the set of functions specific to your use case (for example, tracking down your missing leftovers).

Edit & Create Rules 
You can create rules for your tags without having to even go back to your physical item. For example, are you a street artist? Simply stick one of our RFID stickers on the wall next to your tags, and change the color or style from anywhere in the world through our easy to use interface.

Speaking of sharks, are you a marine biologist? We’ve got you covered. No longer do you have to manually tag each animal you’re tracking one by one. With our new fleet of Google Tag Manager Real World Drones, simply setup a trigger for the animals you’re working to protect, and the drones will gently and humanely deploy the necessary tags to all relevant animals:

How to get started … 
We’ll be releasing Google Tag Manager for real world tags in the coming weeks, and shipping 10,000 physical tags to each registered user of Google Tag Manager to get started. The first release will require you to manually update your tags, but of course you only need to re-tag your items once – after that, it’s smooth sailing.

[Source:- Webdesignernews]