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Bleier to be honored for being an inspiration

Former Steelers running back Rocky Bleier will be honored on Monday when he receives the 2020 NCAA Inspiration Award at the NCAA

I’m Curious: Who Do French Women Follow for Inspiration?

It’s no secret that we look to French women for fashion and style inspiration. They have a certain effortlessly chic flair that most of us aspire

Ice bucket challenge inspiration honored in final plunge

GLOUCESTER, Mass. — Hundreds of people plunged into the chilly ocean at a Massachusetts beach on Saturday to honor Peter Frates, the former college

What to Do If Inspiration Is Lacking

Ever find yourself needing the inspiration to create an image, but you just can muster up any from anywhere? It happens to

Finding Inspiration In The Day-To-Day: 15 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success

Most professionals talk about being inspired, but when you get right down to it, most of them aren’t. The world around them

Taron Egerton’s Stylist Used Elton John as Inspiration on Press Tour

Showstopping looks: For Taron Egerton’s “Rocketman” tour, stylist Gareth Scourfield nodded to Elton John’s iconic wardrobe with bold colors, patterns and silhouettes: “We


University recognizes UD inventors The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines an inventor as “one who creates or introduces something new.” Thomas Edison is one.

A Season of Inspiration

We are entering what I call the time-warp season. And, no, not because it was the number-one song played at all the

Artist & Alum Tom Mosser Paints With Passion, Inspiration, And Footballs

For artist and Penn State alumnus Tom Mosser, ideas and inspiration can come from all different kinds of people, places, and things.

Stitching it all together: Inspiration for ‘tough’ and ‘self-healing’ materials

Rubbery segments in a ribbon-shaped polymer membrane make it super-stretchy. It also has the ability to heal itself after a cut or