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A Season of Inspiration

We are entering what I call the time-warp season. And, no, not because it was the number-one song played at all the

Artist & Alum Tom Mosser Paints With Passion, Inspiration, And Footballs

For artist and Penn State alumnus Tom Mosser, ideas and inspiration can come from all different kinds of people, places, and things.

Stitching it all together: Inspiration for ‘tough’ and ‘self-healing’ materials

Rubbery segments in a ribbon-shaped polymer membrane make it super-stretchy. It also has the ability to heal itself after a cut or

Wild eats: Malaysia’s top chefs find jungle inspiration

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In the dense jungles of the Cameron Highlands, high in the mountains that run down the spine of mainland Malaysia,

Crisis Communications In The Age Of Social Media

When a crisis involving your company occurs today, there’s a good chance you may hear of it first through social media: a

Hey Alexa, inspire me — Adobe launches new skill aimed at sparking creativity

It’s no secret that Alexa can handle a multitude of tasks, from setting reminders to ordering toilet paper, but now, the personal

The Nobel meme: Inspiration must be the cooking

In the meme, Rabindranath Tagore and Amartya Sen welcome Banerjee to the Nobel club with sage advice: “Keep your prize safe… and

Tunisia’s democracy: A source of inspiration for the Arab world

etween two rounds of the presidential election, seven million Tunisians were called on 6 October to choose the 217 representatives of their

GeekWire Summit 2019 recap: Inspiration and innovation highlight our 8th annual tech conference

Coverage of the 2019 GeekWire Summit in Seattle, bringing together more than 800 business and tech leaders to explore the future of

Whether it is The iPhone 4 or iPad Pro Inspiration, Next Apple iPhones Could have Flat Sides

While there is plenty of debate about the design of Apple’s latest iPhone 11 series, there are others who are thrilled with