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Alienware Gaming Laptop Rumors 2019: What to Expect (and What We Want)

Since its inception, Alienware has continued to raise the bar for gaming laptops. In 2004, the Aurora m9700 became the first laptop to

Amazon Prime Day 2019: The best deals on gaming gear available now

Amazon Prime Day has stretched from one day to two — July 15 and 16 — and it’s coming up fast. Prime Day 2019 arrives next

LG Uplus to launch 5G-based Cloud gaming service

Seoul: LG Uplus Corp. on Tuesday said it will release a Cloud-based virtual reality (VR) gaming service later in 2019, taking advantage of its

Missing YouTube gaming creator and Twitch streamer Etika confirmed dead at 29

The NYPD has confirmed that missing YouTube gaming creator and Twitch streamerDesmond “Etika” Amofah has died at 29 years old after previously making suicidal statements.

Here’s why advertisers see potential in the growing gaming space in India

Nowadays, a significant amount of time of an internet user is spent on online gaming. An increased user base on these platforms

Paytm rebrands gaming platform as FirstGames

Bengaluru: Paytm is rebranding its gaming platform Gamepind as First-Games, which claims to have garnered over 30 million registered users since its launch in February 2018.

NBA 2k League: Warriors Gaming Squad Wins ‘The Ticket’

he second day of the NBA 2k League tournament “The Ticket” dwindled the field down to just eight teams. Saturday’s action would finish the

Video gaming enters the cloud

More than 70,000 gamers, developers and publishers descended on Los Angeles to goggle at each other’s wares and show off their own at

For the love of gaming

KOCHI: The love for gaming and passion towards computers, this led Prasanth R V to form Geekboz, a gamers’ exclusive store. According

Microsoft Brings Xbox Game Pass to PC as It Expands PC Gaming Support

Microsoft is bringing the all-you-can-play subscription service Xbox Game Pass to Windows PC as part of its continuing effort to build out its long-dormant