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Paragon Enables Low-Code Software Development For All

Some would argue because of the need of software in nearly every business today, more companies are having to become tech companies.

Why India shuts down the internet more than any other democracy

As protests over a controversial citizenship law rage across India, authorities resorted to shutting down the internet in cities where demonstrators flooded

Google’s new phones, world’s first four rear camera phone, Bose’s new speakers and more in top tech news of the week

This week was pretty exciting for both smartphone and music lovers. We saw Googlelaunching its new-generation of Pixel smartphones, Samsung unveiled world’s first smartphone with

India to Raise Import Tariffs on Electronic and Communication Items

India said on Thursday it will raise import tariffs on several electronic items and communication devices, in another move to rein in

vivo Z3i is a rebranded V11i in China

vivo released the V11i in India back in September as vivo V11 and now it is hitting the manufacturer’s domestic market as vivo Z3i. Essentially, the V11i

Apple tells Congress that global supply chain wasn’t compromised

Apple Inc. told US lawmakers that its servers weren’t compromised and sought to assure them that the company’s global supply chain is

Ruby Rose named the internet’s most ‘dangerous’ celebrity

Ruby Rose has played some dangerous characters, like an inmate in “Orange Is the New Black” and a scientist battling a prehistoric

Here Comes the Third Wave of Cord Cutting: Home Internet Service

The trend of people cutting their home Internet connections in favor of wireless online connectivity is accelerating, according to the latest survey

Pizza burrito is the latest internet sensation

Another day, another viral food hybrid that has come on to our radar. Russo’s House of pizza has gifted us with this 7

The Latest Internet Challenge Has People Making Tricky Hand Moves

Dele Alli is a professional English soccer player for the Tottenham Hotspurs. But the 22-year-old athlete and recent World Cup competitor is becoming a household name