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How B2B Organizations Should Define Target Audiences

Marketing is a rigorous knowledge area that is discussed in undergraduate classes and practiced as a critical skill in the real world.

10 of the Most Popular News Blogs on the Internet

Blogging may be a fun hobby for Tumblr teens or WordPress writers, but it certainly isn’t limited to personal pastimes. Today, blogging is one

What Is Cloud Computing and Why Should You Use It?

If you’re wondering, “What Is Cloud Computing?” you’ve come to the right place. This service delivers computing services over the Internet without

ITC to launch app for Indian farmers

Business conglomerate ITC is set to launch the ‘ITC MAARS’ app, which seeks to offer a wide range of agricultural solutions to farmers,

Paragon Enables Low-Code Software Development For All

Some would argue because of the need of software in nearly every business today, more companies are having to become tech companies.

The Wikipedia Diversity Observatory: helping communities to bridge content gaps through interactive interfaces

Abstract In this paper, we present the Wikipedia Diversity Observatory, a project aimed to increase diversity within Wikipedia content. The project provides

Olaf Scholz to be sworn in as Germany’s next chancellor, replacing Angela Merkel

Olaf Scholz will become chancellor of Germany on Wednesday, turning the page on 16 years with Angela Merkel at the helm as

NBN upgrades explained: how will they make internet speeds faster? And will the regions miss out?

The federal government has announced a A$3.5 billion upgrade to the National Broadband Network (NBN) that will grant two million households on-demand

Google’s new phones, world’s first four rear camera phone, Bose’s new speakers and more in top tech news of the week

This week was pretty exciting for both smartphone and music lovers. We saw Googlelaunching its new-generation of Pixel smartphones, Samsung unveiled world’s first smartphone with

Internet Governance Forum promotes inclusive digital future for all

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) brings together more than 7,000 innovators, big tech executives, young people, ministers and parliamentarians to spur efforts