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Apple confirms customers unable to pick up Apple Store repairs until outlets reopen

Apple on Friday confirmed customers who left an iPhone, iPad, Mac or other product at an Apple Store for repair will not

Apple to close US retail stores and all others outside China until March 27th

Apple is temporary closing all of its retail stores “outside of Greater China” until March 27th, CEO Tim Cook announced in a

Apple’s All-New iPhone Upgrade Has Just Been Exposed

Apple can’t catch a break. Despite some mouth-watering 2020 plans, the company has been hit hard by the coronavirus which has caused global stock

Apple warns revenue will be lower than expected because of coronavirus impact

In a rare investor update on Monday, Apple said the global effects of the coronavirus outbreak are having have a material impact on the

New iPhone Exclusive Reveals Stunning Apple Design Decision

Apple’s 2020 iPhone 12 plans are already causing a stir with major upgrades inside and out. But now breaking news has revealed an Apple design

Cramer bets on his birthday that Apple’s next decade could be as successful as its past 10 years

CNBC’s Jim Cramer used his 65th birthday on Monday to illustrate why he always advises investors to buy Apple stock for the long term rather than

Apple Just Gave Millions Of Users A Reason To Keep Their iPhones

The 2020 iPhone 12 has already leaked extensively and it details the biggest internal overhaul in generations. But now Apple has accidentally revealed something which may

LG launches Apple TV app for its 2019 TVs ahead of 2018 models later this year

LG gave an update last month before CES about the Apple TV app arriving this year on its recent TVs. While we learned that

Apple working on folding iPhone display with more robust bend radius

The current trend in smartphones is the addition of a flexible display and movable sections, as evidenced by models from Samsung like the

Apple temporarily shuts all stores and offices in mainland China

Apple has temporarily shut down all its stores in mainland China through Feb. 9, the company said on Saturday. The tech giant said