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Flexgate is real, and Apple should acknowledge it

The Flexgate issue causes the display’s backlight to misbehave, dimming at regular intervals at the bottom of the screen. Photo by Vlad Savov

Apple now sells five different iPads

Recommending an iPad used to be simpler. White or black? How much storage do you want? Those were the days. Tablets were

Apple’s 7th-generation iPad to retain 3.5mm headphone jack and Touch ID

CALIFORNIA: Apple is long rumoured to be working on a cheaper variant of its current iPad (6th generation). If latest reports are to be believed, the

Apple to reportedly keep Touch ID, headphone jack in next iPad

Apple will reportedly maintain the enclosure design of the 7th-generation iPad that will be released this year, keeping features such as Touch

Apple Wants To Do It All (And Screw All Its Vendors)

With a new platform, Apple can make it easier for developers to merge iOS and macOS apps into one. According to a

Hackers are reportedly cracking the iPhone using stolen Apple prototypes

We all know the story of the prototype iPhone 4 that was left at a bar, spoiling what could have been one of

Qualcomm Launches Patent Challenge to Apple Ahead of Antitrust Case

Qualcomm Inc on Monday kicks off a patent challenge to Apple Inc, capping off a two-year legal strategy to put pressure on

Apple’s foldable iPhone could have self-heating display, new patent reveals

Apple patent provides an early look at how the company is trying to improve the durability of the foldable screen. (Image credit:

March Apple expectations: News and TV event, iOS 12.2 release, AirPods 2 rumors

March is upon us, and for Apple, the month is shaping up to be quite busy. Major software updates will likely be

Steve Wozniak Wants Apple to Make a Foldable iPhone

With the recent announcement of foldable smartphones from Huawei and Samsung, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is hoping that a foldable iPhone will