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Apple ordered to pull part of press release in Qualcomm case

Apple has been ordered by a German court to stop using part of a press release claiming all iPhones would be available in

Apple Leak Reveals Radical New iPhone XI

The knives are already out for Apple AAPL +2.03%’s next-generation iPhone after plans for an ugly redesign leaked last week. But new information suggests Apple is planning

Apple Leak Reveals Radical New iPhone

What AMS has created are new light and proximity sensors which use proprietary algorithms to operate quickly and accurately at very low

Apple just signed a deal with its former top rival, Samsung, showing how the company’s changing

Apple announced a partnership with Samsung, one of its fiercest rivals, on Sunday morning. Soon, customers who owns select Samsung smart TVs will

17 gadgets from the last 50 years that are already obsolete

In just a few decades, technology has gone from Walkmans that play cassette tapes to iPhones that play music and videos, make

German court says Apple infringed on Qualcomm patents, issues sales ban

Qualcomm won another legal battle against Apple, this time in Germany. According to a German court iPhone 7 and 8 models with

Apple Accused of Making False Claims About iPhone X Series Screen Sizes, Pixel Counts

A lawsuit filed in a US court has accused Apple of making false claims about the screen sizes and pixel counts of

vivo NEX Dual Display Edition will be officially unveiled on December 11

vivo has sent us an invite for a special event it’s holding in Shanghai on December 11. This is when the smartphone

Don’t raise the ‘white flag’ on Apple, this is a ‘golden buying opportunity’: Analyst

Apple investors shouldn’t give up on the tech giant, because the stock is poised to go higher, analyst Daniel Ives told CNBC

Google’s Fuchsia OS project adds support for Kirin 970

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard anything about Google’s Fuchsia OS project. The search giant is keeping the lid on