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Apple could add face recognition to new iPad, update Mac Mini later this year: top analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple could roll out face recognition for iPad, bigger smart watches and a long-awaited update for the Mac mini later this year, top

A Former Apple Engineer Is Facing Up to 10 Years in Jail Over the Theft of Self-Driving Car Secrets

A former Apple engineer stole secrets about the company’s self-driving car project. Xiaolang Zhang was arrested at a San Jose airport on Saturday, and

Apple iPhone policy may have breached Japan’s antitrust laws

Apple might have breached Japanese competition laws by requiring carriers to sell iPhones at a lower cost than its competition. The Japan

Why Apple’s Keyboard Controversy Restarted Conspiracy Theories It Plans for Its Products to Fai

Three years ago, Apple introduced the 12-inch MacBook, an incredibly slim laptop that gave the previous lightweight champion, the MacBook Air, a

Here’s What Affects Apple’s iPhone Gross Profit Margins

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is the world’s most profitable smartphone maker by a mile. Apple’s high smartphone industry profitability is a product of the company’s immense

Today in Apple history: MobileMe gets to R.I.P.

Easily create polished, adaptable business plans with focus on team sharing. Photo: Cult of Mac Deals No matter how clear your business

Gallery: Apple’s renovated Palo Alto store blends latest retail layout with classic design elements

Just a short drive from Cupertino, Apple’s store on University Avenue in Palo Alto, CA reopened today after closing in May for renovations. The

How an Apple Genius mysteriously solved my aggressive iPhone charging problem

I was prepared to put up with it. So my iPhone was charging erratically. It was the only gadget that really annoyed


APPLE WADED KNEE-DEEP into the muck of political news delivery Monday with the announcement of a special section in Apple News devoted to the upcoming

Why Apple May Be Lowering iPhone Prices This Year

Apple may be reversing course and lowering iPhone prices, after iPhone sales growth slowed with 2017’s $1,000 iPhone X model, and price hikes