Equipment You’ll Need for an Internet Radio Station

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Starting an internet radio station can be rewarding in many ways. You can explore a topic that you’re interested in while collaborating with like-minded individuals. If you become an authority on the subject, you can spread your knowledge to others and help people. You can also make revenue over time from ads, affiliate marketing, subscriptions and other means.

Building a home studio is easier than ever before. An internet connection, a platform and a computer are the most essential things, and many creators don’t invest in much more. However, if you want your station to be professional and stand out, you should not overlook other equipment.


Whether you are looking to record a talk piece or broadcast live, you should have a good microphone. Your computer’s built-in microphone is unlikely to have enough fidelity to give your voice the presence it needs. A traditional microphone will do the trick, and it can go a long way if you plan to do talk pieces regularly. If you prefer clarity and brightness in your vocal tone, a condenser mic might be your best option. If you want your tone to be a little warmer and thicker, a dynamic mic should help.

Microphone Processor

When broadcasting, you may find that you constantly have to play with different controls to get the sound you want. Too many distractions can affect your content and take up time. A good microphone processor can alleviate much of this burden by cutting out the ambiance and equalizing the audio. Also, RF power dividers and splitters can help you compartmentalize the signals.


It’s not easy to control audio when you can’t hear it clearly. Quality headphones will give you an idea of how well your setup is functioning and how the sound is going out. Cheap earbuds can help you to an extent, but there may be subtleties that you won’t be able to pick up on without over-ear headphones. Your listeners could be using different devices to hear your broadcast, some of them being fancy headsets and some being phone speakers. You should consider this range when you monitor your sound.

As you build your platform and possibly earn some extra cash, you can decide when you’re ready for upgrades. Many broadcasters produce better quality material as they grow. However, to get those first few listeners, you should ensure that you’re working with an efficient studio from the beginning.