Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Introduces New Robot Companion

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Just days ahead of the launch of Fallout 4′Automatron DLC expansion, Bethesda releases a new image of Ada, one of the DLC’s new customizable robot companions.

For those who have explored every inch of Fallout 4‘s Boston Commonwealth, there’s only a few more days to wait before the Automatron DLC expansion is launched. To drum up some anticipation for Fallout 4 fans ahead of the March release date of Automatron, Bethesda has shared a new image from the DLC expansion.

Released on its Facebook page, this new image from Bethesda showcases Ada, one of the new robot companions from Automatron. Bethesda’s caption for the image states that players will be able customize Ada alongside the many robots featured in Automatron, something that’s bound to gel well with Fallout 4‘s already heavily-customizable base game.

Beyond getting a first look at Ada, no other details about the Sole Survivor’s upcoming robot companion has been released. With the reveal of Ada, eagle-eyed gamers will have noticed that Ada was one of the many robots briefly seen in the Automatron trailer.

Since the trailer seemingly indicates that players are approached by a female-voiced robot to hunt down Automatron‘s new antagonist, The Mechanist, perhaps Ada is the one that gives players this new quest-line. Those who are curious at what Ada looks like, check out the image of Fallout 4‘s newest companion right here.


While Ada is a welcome addition to the Fallout universe, some fans are still worried about the lack of significant content being added by the Automatron expansion, especially if the DLC’s short list of achievements is taken into account. Having said that, a new robotic companion other than Codsworth may bring a new dimension of gameplay to Fallout 4, particularly for those who want to start another new game.

It remains to be seen just how big of an addition Ada and the rest of the Automation expansion is, but given the DLC’s relatively cheap $9.99 price tag, it should be reasonable enough. For those wanting a bigger expansion to Fallout 4, keep a lookout on the upcoming Far Harbor DLC, something that Fallout 4 game director Todd Howard says is the biggest addition planned for the game.

Hunting down The Mechanist will undoubtedly be fun, we’re just hoping that Ada will be more like the lovable Dogmeat rather than any of the other judgmental companions in Fallout 4. 

Fallout 4‘s Automatron DLC is scheduled for launch on March 22nd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source:- Gamerant]