Responsibilities With Shipping

When you’re shipping packages to a customer or to another business, you need to take the steps needed to ensure that the customer will be happy with the items that are received. Find out how you need to pack various items that are shipped and how you need to label the package as some items need to be labeled with warnings that they are fragile.

As you begin package testing, there might be a few questions that you have about how to arrange the contents inside the container and how you can get the best results from the shipping experience. Find out how you can add a tracking number so that you will know where the package is at through the shipping process. Sometimes, the customer will get a tracking number as well, but the customer might have to pay for the tracking number if it’s not included in the services that are offered. Secure the contents that are inside the container with Styrofoam pellets, plastic wrap, or other materials that will keep everything from shifting around while inside the package.

Make sure the address label properly shows the address and name of the recipient and that it has the proper return address in case there are any issues. In the event that the package does not arrive as it was ordered or if the contents are damaged when they are received, then you need to know how to correct the issue by sending out a replacement or by refunding the money spent to the customer. Insure your packages so that the contents can be replaced if needed with ease. You should be responsible for everything that leaves the company instead of sending out a package and letting the recipient be responsible for it from the time it leaves your hands.