Best Engineering Blogs/Articles/Videos for System Design

Best Engineering Blogs/Articles/Videos for System Design

Following Engineering Blogs is one of the best ways to understand how the engineering teams at the top tech companies function and how they build scalable systems.

It also helps in preparing for System Design Interviews as you get to understand the trade-offs that these companies took in making their architecture scalable based on their requirements.

I have curated a list of the top engineering blogs and have also added the recommended articles from each of them to help you learn more about their architecture and prepare for System Design (HLD) Interviews.

I would highly suggest you to go through 1-2 articles/videos everyday. It would hardly take 30 mins/day. Consistency is key.

You do not need to completely understand everything. Just a brief idea about what’s happening is good enough. Things will start making sense once you’ve read a lot of the articles. If you find something interesting and would like to learn more then Google to get more information.

Netflix TechBlog

Netflix has one of the best tech blogs in the industry. They have written a lot about their learnings and practices across a bunch of different areas. Their blog and open source infra has helped a lot of companies scale and adopt Netflix’s engineering practices. They have also been pioneers in the adoption of microservices architecture across the industry.