Housing Options in Florida

Whether you’ve just graduated college and are looking for your first home, gotten married and want to upgrade your housing or just need a change of scenery, there comes a time when you need to evaluate your housing options. There are many options available. Here are some of the most common routes taken.

Buy a House

The American dream is to own your own home. While not attainable for everyone, if you are financially secure and have good credit, this is a great option. Instead of paying for someone else’s mortgage, you get to build up your own equity. For those pursuing the house option, find a realtor to help you with buying a home Lake County FL.

Buy a Condominium

Many people are confused about the difference between a condominium and an apartment. While both are similar in terms of their look and feel, the main difference comes down to ownership. In a condominium, you get to purchase the property. That means you own it and have equity. With an apartment, you are simply renting someone else’s space.

Lease an Apartment

If purchasing a house or condominium is outside the realm of possibilities for you, a solid option is to lease an apartment. You can find the perfect unit to suit you. Whether you want a studio apartment to go minimal or a three-bedroom apartment for you and your family, you can find a great fit. One drawback to leasing is that you will typically need to pay the first month of rent, the last month of rent, as well as a security deposit.

Rent a Room

The cheapest option you can find is to rent a room. This can be in a house or apartment. The goal of renting a room is to share in the costs of the housing. Typically, you will split the rent and utilities equally among roommates.

As you move on to greener pastures, use this guide to find the right housing option for you.