Social Media Helps Perth Woman Build Her Home

Perth based social media marketing expert Sasha Ioppolo was frustrated by the lack of local products and services she could find when it came to building her dream home. So she started searching Instagram and Pinterest for help.

Ioppolo told HuffPost Australia social media empowered her because it meant she didn’t need to rely solely on an architect.

“Social media gave me thousands of ideas to choose from. In the past I’d be restricted to a few magazines. It also allowed me to communicate those ideas clearly to my architect,” Ioppolo said.

“Also there’s a similarity about homes in Perth. Social media allowed me to try something different. I’d see amazing design and beautiful products online, available in Europe or the US but no one was doing that here. So I thought I’d use them myself.”

A Palm Springs-inspired roof garden.

Ioppolo spent around a year collecting ideas online before taking them to her architect. Some of the most innovative touches in the home include a a Palm Springs-inspired roof garden by landscape designer Mon Palmer, and an electronic doggie door.

There’s also an art lift to hide the TV and an above-ground pool that means there’s no need for a fence.

The house, known as the Triple Deck House, now has a life of it’s own with it’s own social media accounts. According to Ioppolo, there have been a countless stream of motorists slowing down or parking out the front for a closer look.

“A few rubber-necking motorists have crashed into the median strip road sign outside the house!” Ioppolo said.


Sasha Ioppolo’s Tips For Building Your Dream Home Via Social Media

  • Pinterest: Create story boards for different rooms in the house such as the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, as well as key aspects like a staircase or swimming pool. Save images from designs you find online
  • Instagram: Used to source images of designs. Search for designers and start following their posts and their work.
  • Source other services: Watch who and what your favourite designers recommend in their social media. This can help you track down elusive products and services not found locally.


Third party speakers may help Google Home take on Amazon Echo

google home 3-Google IO 2016

As we gear up to Google’s launch event in San Francisco next week, eyes are not only on the company’s new line-up of Pixel phones, but also on the extended range of smart home accessories expected to be on display. Google Home, a WiFi-connected smart speaker, could turn out to be one of the more important announcements made at the event, as Google prepared to ramp up its efforts in the smart home space and prepares to take on the increasingly popular Amazon Echo.

HiFi audio sales have been rejuvenated by the introduction of wireless Bluetooth and WiFi systems, and the early success of Amazon’s Echo suggests that there’s a growing consumer appetite for tying these systems in with virtual assistant and smart home products. Amazon has reportedly already sold 3 million Echo speaker systems this year, and is aiming to ship 10 million units in 2017. Google clearly does not want to be left behind, and already has an extensive ecosystem of virtual assistant based technologies, including search and app integration, that Google Home will be able to make use of.

According to a report by Variety, Google has been in talks with manufacturers to begin building other devices that will work just like Google Home. Apparently, details were discussed at a closed-door talk with some 50 participant from the home audio market. This suggests that we may end up seeing smart speakers from a variety of manufacturers, all powered by the Google Home could-based assistant.


Iportantly, another source alleges that Google may not allow these companies to combine their hardware with other virtual assistance, not that this demand is particularly uprising. Although manufacturers may be reluctant to put all their eggs into Google’s technology. However, some of the companies involved are said to have already worked with Google to produce speakers powered by Google Cast, a list which includes major brands such as Sony, Philips, LG, JBL, and Bang & Olufsen. However, Google has declined to comment on whether it will be working with any third-party manufacturers on this.

Google Home was originally announced back at I/O 2016, so we already know quite a bit about it. The little hub integrates a built-in Bluetooth speaker and microphone, which is paired up with Google Assistant to answer questions and respond to commands. The system is also integrated with Cast, so consumers can launch audio from compatible devices and apps, including Spotify, Tunein, Pandora, and more. Cast capabilities also mean that customers will be table to launch YouTube videos and other steaming services on their TV just by issuing a command to Google Home.

Essentially, Google Home is the company’s big play to bring its mobile assistant services to the home. Google’s portfolio of smart products may also assist the company in catching up with and leapfrogging Amazon Echo. Nest technologies have been incorporated to work on the project, opening up the possibility that other products around the home could be controlled from your speaker system.

According to an insider at the meeting, companies may be ready to unveil speakers with built-in Google Assistant integration as early as next summer. 2017 could be the year that smart homes really hit the mainstream.



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Girl wins $10,000 judgment in opposition to Microsoft for compelled home windows 10 upgrade

For months, we’ve cataloged persevered consumer resistance to Microsoft’s home windows 10 upgrade regulations, the business enterprise’s increasing tries to shove users to adopt the OS, and its occasional go into reverse when its very own guidelines went too far. it appears that evidently as a minimum one customer took the fight to court docket and received a small judgment against the agency for how it deployed its state-of-the-art running gadget.

The Seattle times reviews that Teri Goldstein, of Sausalito, California, sued Microsoft after a failed home windows 10 improve left her machine performing poorly, liable to crashing, and reportedly unusable for a couple of days. Given the overall problems associated with performing in-region enhancements, even successful ones, it’s no longer unexpected that a few users might run into problems. Goldstein reached out to Microsoft customer service to try to solve her issues, however filed suit towards the enterprise as soon as it did not solve her issues. Her $10,000 determine meditated envisioned lost compensation as well as the value of a brand new machine.

Microsoft had appealed the preliminary judgment however dropped that appeal last month. A spokesperson for the organisation informed the Seattle instances that it denied any wrongdoing and had dropped the enchantment to keep away from the additional price of similarly litigation.

One $10,000 judgment towards Microsoft isn’t going to make a blip in the employer’s monetary profits or its universal home windows 10 trajectory. but it well caps a year of self-inflicted damage concerning home windows 10 and Microsoft’s unfastened upgrade. The repeated adjustments to home windows 10’s improve coverage, obligatory telemetry series, and choices to kill off patch notes and make all updates mandatory (plus the troubles with UWP and gaming) have together left a awful taste in lots of users’ mouths. None of these are essential motives to prevent using windows 10, but they talk to the employer’s profound problem communicating what should be a prevailing method. The home windows 10 giveaway turned into a awesome idea, and the whole method should’ve been dealt with in a way that made people need to switch. instead, Microsoft has been dragging people into upgrading in much the equal manner you might snatch a cat and drag it off for a bath.

“Get within the tub,” they said. “It’ll be amusing,” they said.

With just over a month to head until it officially stops providing free improvements to home windows 10, Microsoft has yet to budge from its stance that after the one12 months mark is achieved, the agency will no longer provide a loose upgrade to customers. presently, home windows 10 home is $119, whilst windows 10 seasoned is $199. prices are identical between the downloadable and USB versions of the operating device.

Microsoft hasn’t unique how it’ll fee upgrades after the unfastened offer has expired. within the past, upgradehandiest versions of the OS normally sold for $50-$70 less than full variations, although this has varied depending at the OS in query. As for whether or not Microsoft’s latest movements have damaged the enterprise’s longtime period courting with customers, it’s too soon to inform. as a minimum a few customers claim to have sworn off Microsoft products or to have disabled home windows update altogether to keep away from the windows 10 improve, but such feedback in all likelihood don’t mirror common person behavior (and we are able to’t advocate turning off all OS updates to avoid windows 10 in any case). the bigger trouble for Microsoft isn’t necessarily the loss of windows users, however its failure to establish consider and a cooperative courting at a time when the company continues to be seeking to make important changes to its software distribution version. Microsoft needs enthusiastic buy-in for its various plans from each developers and clientsnow not a grudging recognition of the new reputation quo.

Microsoft wages struggle on ‘crapware’ with new home windows 10 device

new windows 10 logo primary

Microsoft the day prior to this released a loose tool for home windows 10 that says to wash computers of the “bloatware” — also referred to as “crapware” — that laptop makers percent on new machines.
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Refresh home windows, which have to be downloaded from Microsoft’s internet site, currently works best on preview builds of 10, those seeded to individuals of the Insider program. due to the fact that Insider is a precursor to the production code, the device need to be usable by owners of systems upgraded to the Anniversary replace, version 1607, that is slated to ship subsequent month.

at the moment, the device may be downloaded through a link embedded in a long message on Microsoft’s aid discussion board; the message seems in side after clicking a brand new link inside the Settings panel below the “update & protectionobject‘s “recuperationalternative.

in line with the forum message — which turned into penned via a Microsoft worker identified simplest as “Jason” — Refresh home windows downloads and installs a current, pristine construct of windows 10 on the pc, overwriting the pre-set up model.

extra importantly, all non-Microsoft applications that had been bundled or already established on home windows 10 — the exception include the Mail e mail customer and the threshold browser — are eliminated all through the refresh. “it’ll also cast off most pre-installed applications consisting of OEM programs, support applications, and drivers,” wrote Jason. The time period “OEM” (authentic equipment manufacturers) refers to computer makers which include Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo.

for that reason, Refresh windows could be fine used immediately after purchasing a new home windows 10 system, and earlier than the client installed any software at the machine.

Jason ticked off a slew of caveats for Refresh windows, inclusive of some during what he called the “preview duration” of trying out with Insider contributors. He implied that it might be introduced to the manufacturing-grade version of home windows 10.

customers of Refresh windows might also pick to retain their personal documentsthe ones stashed inside the center folders which includespix” and “files” — or wipe the whole thing from the force. In all cases, they may have to reinstall applications, including Microsoft office and 0.33celebration packages, and probable download and install new device drivers, both through home windows update or from the character web sites of the computer maker, photos card manufacturer and the like.

As of Friday, Refresh windows worked handiest on Insider construct 14342 or later. Microsoft issued build 14342 on might also 26, but has accompanied with several due to the fact then, most lately on Thursday with build 14677. Assuming Microsoft follows thru, the device will work with the production code set deliver in July.

home windows customers have lengthy been capable of reach the identical result by using downloading a clean disk photo of home windows, then putting in that on a crapware-filled computer. however that approach has been in large part utilized by experienced arms: Refresh windows still requires plenty manual work in re-putting in deleted apps, however it automates the system truly by way of taking care of the photo downloading.

for this reason, it is able to attraction to a wider target audience of home windows 10 users.

even though Refresh home windows may be applauded by using customers who’ve complained about crapware, it is likely that Microsoft’s hardware partners, who pre-load that content material on their gadgets in a bid for additional revenue, may not see it as a friendly move. In that way, it’s paying homage to the opposed strategy Microsoft has taken at instances, inclusive of whilst it brought its personal floor line, or via selling its “Signature” portfolio of desktops, which might be billed as freed from bloatware.

Vivino ceases all app improvement on home windows platform


Vivino is a have to-have app for any wine gourmand that allows you to take a photograph of a bottle to receive pricing, rankings or even food pairing hints. The app itself has been round for a while, however regrettably it appears as although the Vivino improvement team has opted to halt work on the home windows platform.

the subsequent message changed into acquired through a reader while inquiring about the popularity of development:

unfortunately, we’ve got ceased development and aid for the app at the windows platform. The model located on the Microsoft keep is outdated. It seems, that the traction we’ve got seen from the platform does not justify the development attempt. In essence, we sense that a native app would not be capable of supply the pleasant revel in to our users. We know it‘s no longer a great deal help, but at least an explanation from our facet. Your wines and different data isn’t lost when you consider that you can access those through our internet site”

it’s a shame that Vivino has determined not to preserve improvement efforts due to sluggish traction on the platform. whilst the official app remains available for home windows telephone, we’d advocate in opposition to the usage of an old app. there is, however, usually the authentic internet site.

Uncharted 4 Trailer Shows Nathan Drake’s Home Life

image description

From spending time at home with Elena to stamping papers in a 9-to-5 job, the latest Uncharted 4 trailer shows glimpses of Nathan Drake living a normal life.

After a multitude of delays, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has officially finished development and is on track to release May 10. That means that the promotion train is hurtling along, bringing new trailers all the time.

The latest Uncharted 4 trailer, entitled “Heads or Tails,” is a 30-second CG feature that has Drake asking if all the adventures experienced over the past three games has been worth it.

Much of the footage of Drake carrying on a normal life comes from trailers that have been released already. It appears that this is the state of Drake’s life following the events of Uncharted 3 – working a normal job pushing papers and spending time at home with his wife Elena. That is, until his brother Sam reappears in Uncharted 4 and pulls Drake in for one last job, it seems.

This trailer, like all the glimpses of the game’s story seen so far, appear to take on a more emotional weight – although Naughty Dog has promised Uncharted 4 is still the summer blockbuster fun fans expect it to be. Naughty Dog has also said this will be Drake’s last adventure, and it appears that it is also Naughty Dog’s last entry in the Uncharted series as well (not that the franchise couldn’t live on in the future).

Uncharted 4 May See the Death of Nathan Drake - Nathan Drake cave wall

Whether Drake meets his end along with the franchise is something fans will have to wait and see when the game comes out, but no matter what, Uncharted 4 appears to be the biggest game Naughty Dog has ever made. Naughty Dog has previously said that the game features explorable spaces ten times the size of anything seen in the previous three entries of the Uncharted series.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End promises to be the best looking game in the franchise, pushing the PlayStation 4’s technical capabilities to its limits.  While the developer says that the new open spaces and dialogue trees give the players more options to choose how they want to approach each encounter, it doesn’t mean the game has lost its linear nature. In fact, Naughty Dog says it has added extra layers of gameplay mechanics on, but have tried to do it in an elegant way that makes everything feel like it fits in the gameplay fans have experienced over the franchise’s history.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 on May 10th.

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Sainsbury’s confirms £1.4bn Home Retail bid as Steinhoff pulls out

Sainsbury’s supermarket at Pulborough, southern England

Sainsbury’s has tabled a £1.4bn takeover of Home Retail Group after South African retail group Steinhoff ditched plans to make a rival bid for the Argos owner.

The supermarket confirmed its offer with less than half an hour to go before a 5pm deadline on Friday set by the Takeover Panel.

Mike Coupe, chief executive of Sainsbury’s, said: “The combination of Home Retail and Sainsbury’s is a powerful one that will create long term shareholder value for both companies.” He insisted the merger was not risky but “well within the executional capabilities” of the Sainsbury’s management team.

The Sainsbury’s cash and shares bid marks no change from the deal agreed with Home Retail’s board last month.

At the time, Home Retail said it would be prepared to recommend an offer at that level to shareholders. Sainsbury’s said on Friday that it had not secured a recommendation from Home Retail’s board ahead of the Takeover Panel’s deadline – which it attributed to the late withdrawal of Steinhoff’s offer. Home Retail said it was looking forward to “working towards a recommendation”.

The unchanged bid is likely to be disappointing for the Argos-owner’s shareholders who were hoping that £100m extra in annual cash reserves revealed by Home Retail last week and a competing bid from Steinhoff would lead to a higher offer.

Steinhoff, which owns furniture chains Bensons for Beds and Harveys in the UK, released a statement to the stock exchange in London confirming withdrawal of its £1.42bn offer on Friday afternoon.

Home Retail’s shares closed down nearly 10% at 163.2p and Sainsbury’s shares closed down nearly 3% at 273.2p after Steinhoff withdrew its offer.

Markus Jooste, CEO of Steinhoff, said Home Retail was a compelling business with unique attributes that remains attractive on many fronts”.

But he added: “Having concluded our due diligence review and ancillary discussions, we have evaluated our findings against our investment criteria and today come to a decision not to proceed.”

The reason for Steinhoff’s withdrawal became clear minutes later when the company, which also owns the Conforama electricals and furniture chain in France, confirmed it had agreed a deal to buy French electronics retailer Darty for £673m.

The withdrawal of Steinhoff’s potential offer cleared the way for Sainsbury’s to finalise its planned takeover of Home Retail which has been under discussion since last year.

Sainsbury’s sees the acquisition of Argos as a way to accelerate its attempts to tap into the fast growing online market.

Sainsbury’s said the merger would create “a leading food and non-food retailer of choice for customers, building on the strong heritage of both the Sainsbury’s and HRG businesses whose brands are renowned for trust, quality, value and customer service.”

The company also said it had found £40m more financial benefits in merging its operations with Home Retail – taking the total to £160m – after looking through the Argos-owner’s books over the last few weeks.

Sainsbury’s said it believed it could add more Argos stores and increase savings by combining central operations – potentially meaning more head office job cuts. It made clear that it would not overpay for Argos, so shareholders will be watching closely to see if Sainsbury’s has been forced to increase its offer to oust Steinhoff from the process.


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