10 Most Popular Business Articles From 2017

Best Business Articles Of 2017

In our endeavour to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, we published lot of insightful business articles last year. I’ve handpicked 10 of them that instantly stuck the cord with our readers. Hope you’ll enjoy these posts.

Here are our most popular business articles from year 2017..

1) How To Get Working Capital Loans In India

How To Get Working Capital LoansThe business owners are aware of the fact that sometimes the problem in dealing with the negative cashflow can kill the business and that’s why a small funding can be helpful in resolving short term problems. The working capital loans can help your business to function properly and efficiently. This type of business loan can be one of the simplest methods for protecting the credibility of a company.

In this article, we’ve explained how to get working capital loans in India. Read more to learn about eligibility criteria to get business loan, when you should consider this type of loan and which sites can help you get it.

2) 3 Important Financial Statements Every Business Owner Should Know

Important Financial StatementsSmall businesses must be well informed to survive in a competitive environment and one of the vital competency they must develop is to read and understand important financial statements.

Understanding essential financial statements such as ‘Trial Balance’, ‘Balance Sheet’, and ‘Profit and Loss’ statements is paramount as these are very important reports for small businesses to ensure their competitiveness in the market. Running a business without understanding these financial reports is like driving a car without a dashboard.

3) How To Calculate Depreciation In Your Business

What is depreciation and how to calculate itDepreciation is an important part of accounting records which helps companies maintain their income statement and balance sheet properly with the right profits recorded.

In this article, we’ve explained what is depreciation, how to calculate depreciation in small business, various types and finally why its important to account for it.

4) What Is Bharat QR Code & How You Can Benefit From It

Bharat QR CodeSince demonetization, a lot of people have moved on to the cashless payment methods using debit and credit cards. However, this method of cashless electronic payment transaction has strings attached in terms of cost of owning and running the card swipe machines and transaction fees.

The Government of India has taken another step to encourage digital payments and has simplified things for merchants and for the customers by launching the Bharat QR Code.

In this post, we’ve explained all the aspects of Bharat QR code. You can learn how to generate it and how to make a payment using Bharat QR Code.

5) All You Need To Know About Invoice Discounting

What is invoice discounting and how it worksInvoice Discounting is actually a method followed to make complete use of company’s due accounts. If done well, this can help business owners to manage their cash flow efficiently.

Invoice discounting fundamentally speed ups cash movement from clients. The purpose behind this is to not wait for clients to pay within their credit terms. You get cash instantly when you issue the invoice. Invoice financing allow businesses recover cash flow, recompense employees and suppliers, plus reinvest in processes.

In this post, we’ve explained how invoice discounting process works and how you can benefit from it.

6) How To Start A Franchise Business

Franchise BusinessStarting a new business is one of the toughest decisions you can every make. First, you need to find a good idea, then build a plan for marketing, branding, sales, hiring, etc. Then, you need to work on the product strategy and finally, raise capital to execute your plans.

Sounds like a lot of work.. right? This is where Franchise Business can help you.

In this article, I will cover what is Franchise Business, how it works, what do you need to start a Franchise and how good this is as compared to starting a business on your own.

7) Impact Of GST On Service Sector

GST Impact On Service SectorMany service businesses will face a lot of changes over the years as they try to conform to the introduction of this new taxation system and we can be sure that many of them are happy because of the changes.

We can look forward to the positive side and especially the people in the service business sector are keen on how things will turn out. In this article, we’ve assess the GST impact on service sector – both positively and negatively.


8) 10 Cashflow Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business

Cashflow Mistakes In BusinessEven though you have the brightest of ideas and your company is on the growth ride from the very first day, it is often seen that 80% of the businesses, big or small, fail or close down, just because they cannot manage their cash flows.

In this article, we run through some of the deadly cashflow mistakes that can really hurt your business. Find out if you are making one of these mistakes and learn how to avoid these.

9) What Are Fixed Assets & How To Account For Them

What is Fixed AssetMost small business owners consider only revenue while assessing their business worth. However, they rarely consider one fundamental thing in the calculation – Fixed Assets. An example of fixed assets are buildings, furniture, office equipment, machinery etc. It is a critical component for evaluating your business valuation.

In this article, we’ll cover what is fixed asset, examples of fixed assets, carious types of fixed assets, how it is calculated and much more.

10) Most Popular GST Guides

GST - Goods And Service TaxYear 2017 could be called as the year of GST! This new tax regime was launched in July 2017 and created lot of confusion for the small business owner.

In order to help the business community, our team of domain experts at ProfitBooks published various articles on GST registration, invoicing, return filing, compliance rating, composition.