Become a certified web design pro and save over $1500 on the training

Web Design CPD Certification Bundle

With more than 140,000 websites going live every day, now is the perfect time to become a web designer. Whether you want to turn pro or just improve your own sites, the Web Design CPD Certification Bundle teaches you everything you need to know. You can get all four courses and 32.5 hours of training for $39 via the Popular Science Shop.

When you’re building a website, you need both code and design skills. It also helps to understand search engine optimization and how to create your own animations. This bundle covers all of these skills through hands-on video lessons. You also work toward a Master Diploma, accredited by the highly-respected CPD Certification Service.

The first course tackles HTML5 and CSS3, the building blocks of every website. You learn how to create custom layouts and add your own style. The course on Photoshop helps you edit images with a guided tour through all the major tools. You also learn how to craft responsive sites using Adobe Dreamweaver, before adding interactive content with Flash.