Black Panther’ Spoilers Are All Over The Internet, So Here’s How To Avoid Them

Marvel’s latest film, Black Panther, comes out this Friday just in time for the long President’s Day weekend. For those who haven’t already gotten tickets to see it Thursday night or first thing Friday, or who (horror of horrors) cannot get everyone’s schedules to line up until Monday afternoon, this means days of trying to avoid spoilers from the film. You could always avoid the internet completely until you’ve hit the theater, but for those of us who practically live on the internet, what to do? How does one avoid Black Panther spoilers?

Perhaps the bigger question is if Black Panther has spoilers in it that need avoiding in the first place. That’s more a matter of opinion. While some may pooh-pooh “spoiler culture” as a method of bullying other fans to conform to unreasonable standards, some films and TV shows like Star Wars and Game of Thrones genuinely have moments that work better if the audience doesn’t see them coming. Marvel rarely rises to that level. Very few of the Marvel films have had a major spoiler in them that audiences would be better off going in to see cold the first time.

But Black Panther isn’t just any Marvel film, in more ways than one.


As Kevin Feige said when talking to Vulture, this film represents the MCU’s first foray into equality in on-screen representation.

Because of how important this movie is for many viewers, whether or not the film has “spoilers” as we think of them doesn’t quite apply. It’s the ability to go in and enjoy the movie cold, knowing it’s a historic moment.

So, when it comes to avoiding those hellbent on ruining this, how does one best go about it? The answer, as those in Wakanda would probably tell us, lies in technology. There’s an app for that. Below are the apps you can use to protect yourself from all spoilers.


Spoiler Shield: This was originally developed for Game of Thrones, but has since been reconfigured to block spoilers of any nature. The app is available on many platforms, including iOS, Android and as a Chrome extension. Just plug in the keyword you want to be filtered out, and surf in peace. Bonus: It can also be used to block sporting event spoilers as well.

Unspoiler: Much like Spoiler Shield, this is another extension to be downloaded for Chrome, or your phone, which will then red banner over anything you keyword tells it too. It’s slightly better than Spoiler Shield in that if it made a mistake you can click on it to see the content.

ProCon Latte Content Filter: But what if you don’t use Chrome? Don’t worry, there’s a Firefox version of the same sort of blockers, the ProCon Latte Content Filter. It was actually built to block pornography, but that makes it very good at catching spoilers.

Facebook & Twitter Filters: There was a time when these were useless, but thanks to recent changes in both the backends of the two most popular social media machines, fans can now keyword in both hashtags and phrases to keep spoilers out of their feeds.

Black Panther hits theaters Friday, Feb. 16, 2018. And for the love of everything, keep spoilers out of the comments!