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Apple Just Gave Millions Of Users A Reason To Keep Their iPhones

The 2020 iPhone 12 has already leaked extensively and it details the biggest internal overhaul in generations. But now Apple has accidentally revealed something which may

LG launches Apple TV app for its 2019 TVs ahead of 2018 models later this year

LG gave an update last month before CES about the Apple TV app arriving this year on its recent TVs. While we learned that

Apple working on folding iPhone display with more robust bend radius

The current trend in smartphones is the addition of a flexible display and movable sections, as evidenced by models from Samsung like the

Apple temporarily shuts all stores and offices in mainland China

Apple has temporarily shut down all its stores in mainland China through Feb. 9, the company said on Saturday. The tech giant said

Apple to attend meeting promoting easy access to health data

An Apple representative is slated to attend a meeting on Monday held by the Carin Alliance, a nonpartisan group currently advocating to

Apple leases entire ‘Triangle Building’ near Apple Park

The tech giant has leased all six floors of the 86,000-square-foot office building at 5300 Stevens Creek Blvd., according to public filings reported by Mercury

Apple’s upcoming low-cost iPhones to enter mass production in February

Apple Inc. suppliers plan to begin assembling a new low-cost iPhone in February, people familiar with the plan said, as the company looks to

Apple lawsuit tests if an employee can plan rival startup while on payroll

Attorneys for a former Apple Inc executive on Tuesday will try to convince a skeptical judge of a core tenet of tech startup culture

Apple addresses location privacy issue with iPhone 11 chip in second iOS 13.3.1 beta

After a little privacy snafu last month around the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro still tracking location data even when users had

Apple shares special ‘Shot on iPhone’ short film to celebrate Chinese New Year Chance

As it has done for the past several years, Apple is celebrating Chinese New Year with a short film as part of