Destiny: Rise of Iron Will Make Iron Banner Event More Rewarding

Destiny: Rise of Iron Will Make Iron Banner Event More Rewarding

New details emerge for Iron Banner and how the event is getting reinvented to be more rewarding for players once Destiny: Rise of Iron launches next month.

Destiny is nearing its second anniversary, though the game has evolved quite a bit from what it it was when it first launched. Thanks to numerous updates, fixes, and expansions like The Taken King, Bungie has continued to improve the experience in many ways. Iron Banner, the monthly PvP event that enables level advantages, has also been tweaked quite a bit over the years with more rewards and adjusted gameplay. With the new Rise of Iron expansion on the horizon, Bungie appears to be planning some big changes to the event.

According to Bungie, Iron Banner in Destiny: Rise of Iron will be a reinvention, placing 4 new maps into rotation and completely adjusting how reputation works. The first big change is that the tempered buff, which previously granted additional experience for each day the event was live, is going away. Now, players will need less reputation overall to reach rank 5, meaning those who participate earlier in the week won’t find things as much of a slog to level up as it was previously. The change aims to incentivize players to complete bounties and rank up earlier rather than holding on to everything later in the week.

Bounties are also receiving a significant changes as well. Thanks to player feedback, some of the more difficult or frustrating bounties such as getting a 10 kill streak or getting top overall score are going away. In addition, instead of getting rewarded only at ranks 3 and 5, a weapon or armor piece will be rewarded each and every time a player completes a bounty.

The goal of these Iron Banner changes are to make the event more accessible and fun for players, while rewarding everyone regardless of time spent in the mode. At the same time, Bungie continues to dangle that carrot on a stick for the hardcore players as well by keeping around the rubberbanding effect of increased experience across multiple characters for players who have already hit level 5 with one character.

While Bungie had been slowly dripping news about the upcoming Destiny expansion, the floodgates were opened entirely yesterday thanks to Game Informer. Digital subscribers to the magazine were able to read up on many of the new details including an increased light level that now caps at 400, the return of many class exotic weapons including Thorn, and unique artifacts that enhance players with new abilities. The new Raid known as Wrath of the Machine, was also given a release date on September 23, just three days after Rise of Iron launches.

What was your favorite reveal from yesterday? Are you excited for Rise of Iron or is there something else you’re waiting to hear about? Let us know in the comments.


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