The Division Falcon Lost Exploit Hotfixed [UPDATE]

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Ubisoft is applying a hotfix for an ongoing exploit in the Falcon Lost Incursion, taking down The Division‘s servers for an estimated 30-45 minutes starting at 1:45PM PDT.

Update: This article initially claimed that there would be no known repercussions for The Divisionplayers that exploited this glitch. Ubisoft has issued a statement on its official forums, clarifying that “[w]e are working on fixing the exploit. Obviously it is against our Code of Conduct and the team is looking into what can be done in terms of punishment for those who have exploited.” The article has been updated to reflect this announcement.

You’ve done it now, The Division exploiters! You’ve forced Ubisoft’s hand. At 1:45 PDT Ubisoft began deploying a server-side hotfix, correcting a current exploit within the recently released Incursion, Falcon Lost. Yes, The Division players have been intentionally glitching the Incursion in order to more easily acquire the challenging content’s glorious loot. It’s hard to believe, most definitely, but it’s true. The set gear is just too enticing.

The Falcon Lost exploit is the reason for rushing a hotfix rather than waiting for a patch, but Ubisoft will also be correcting some other issues at the same time. Here are the patch notes for the 1:45 PDT hotfix:

  • Falcon Lost
    • Fixed an exploit where players could attack the APC without triggering new waves of NPC
    • Fixed a bug where the Weekly Reward for Falcon Lost was not granted correctly
  • Missing Characters
    • Fixed a bug on Xbox One where players could no longer see their characters. Please note that in order to fix this issue, we restored the account data of the affected players to that of April 12, 12pm CEST | 6am EDT | 3am PDT

Any Division players who have knowingly triggered this exploit, how dare you! Fortunately, Ubisoft has announced that it is seeking a means of punishing players for utilizing this exploit. Regardless of what else has happened in similar titles, such as both DestinyThe Division, or even Grand Theft Auto Online, it’s still unknown what will happen to those that followed through on the malicious glitch. That said,  Server downtime was estimated to be between 30-45 minutes.


It’s great to see Ubisoft on top of exploits like the APC glitch in Falcon Lost. While these types of small things often seem very exciting to players as they happen, they’re overall very damaging to the game itself as well as the community. Falcon Lost is a piece of end-game content meant to hold until May’s content drop in The Division. It’s meant to challenge players, to give them interesting content, and all the exploitation does is take that away. Many players may not realize that, however, only recognizing the reward as the sole objective of content.

Luckily, the Falcon Lost Incursion is only meant to be the end-game content focus for this one month. Ubisoft will be able to learn from the experience and put that into their May content and future Incursions. In the meantime, there will be a lot of more moderate players in the Dark Zone getting torn apart by the newly geared exploiters. Stay strong, Agents.

The Division‘s Falcon Lost hotfix went live at 1:45 PDT across all platforms. Server downtime was estimated to be around 30-45 minutes long.


[Source:- Gamerant]