Fortnite Beta App: Can You Download the Android Beta?

Fortnite Beta App

While it’s tempting to believe that a FORTNITE BETA APP just suddenly launched overnight, with no official announcement or pre-release hype from Epic Games, you should really be able to recognize that this whole thing is a scam. I know it’s easy to ignore common sense for a slight chance at possibly playing the Fortnite Android release, but until it’s announced by the official game site and social media accounts, keep your head clear and try to avoid temptation.

Fortnite Beta App: Is the Fortnite Android App Available?

No, the Fortnite Android app isn’t yet available, not even as a “Fortnite beta app.” The last thing we heard from Epic Games is that the team is “targeting this summer for the release.” The developer also clearly stated: “We know many of you are excited for this release, and we promise that when we have more information to share, you’ll hear it from us first.”

So, until you hear it from Epic Games, assume all other launch information to be misleading. When a game as huge as Fortnite comes to Android, you can bet there will be many trustworthy news sources — *cough* like GameRevolution *cough* — covering it.

Fortnite Beta App: Are and Fake Sites?


Fortnite Beta App

Unfortunately, and are indeed fake and do not allow access to the Fortnite beta app. We recommend avoiding these web addresses and any other sites claiming to offer early access to a so-called “Fortnite beta app.” Again, wait until an official announcement from Epic Games, and only download and install the game from the Android Play Store.

With Fortnite on iOS receiving constant support, I can understand how Android users may feel left out. Desperation could drive them to download and install a malicious app. Here’s hoping the official Fortnite Android version launches sooner, rather than later!