Here’s How You Can Save $300 On An Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 Or S8+

Samsung is offering users a deal that could save them a lot of money on the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.

Samsung is currently offering customers a discount of $150 when they buy an unlocked version of the S8 or S8 Plus on the company’s website. This means the S8 will cost $574.99 and the S8 plus will cost $674.99. Of course, that’s still a fairly hefty price to pay for a smartphone, but there is a way to lower the price even more. Users who trade in an eligible smartphone will receive an additional $150 off the price of either phone.

Eligible smartphones include

  • iPhone 5 and above
  • iPhone SE,
  • Galaxy S5 and above
  • Note 5
  • LG G4 and above
  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel XL

The selection of eligible phones is somewhat limited, but there’s a wide enough variety that a lot of people stand to benefit from this deal.

One more added benefit to this deal is that the recently released Blue Coral S8 is eligible for purchase.

While the price of the S8 is still a bit pricey, users won’t have to pay it all upfront. Samsung is allowing users to make monthly payments of $17.71 over a two-year period.

S8 Sales

Despite the current hype surrounding the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8, the S8 and S8 Plus remain two of the of the best smartphones on the market and the sales numbers back that up. Samsung recently reported that the S8 was outselling the S7 by about 15 percent. Undoubtedly, the majority of these sales come from the fact that S8 is simply a great smartphone, but it doesn’t hurt that Samsung has offered some pretty nice deals throughout the course of the phone’s lifecycle.

Pure discounts like the one featured today are a bit rare, but there have been several buy-one-get-one opportunities from Samsung and individual cellphone carriers. The high price of the S8 is a real barrier to entry for a lot of consumers, but deals like these make the price a bit more bearable. Beyond that, it appears that these deals have paid off for Samsung as the company is on track to supplant Apple as the world’s most profitable tech firm.

One thing to keep in mind with Samsung’s current deal is that the phone will be an unlocked device so users will need to sign up with a carrier in order to get service. Using an unlocked phone isn’t for everyone as some people simply don’t like dealing with the hassle of negotiating with carriers, but it can save some money in the long run