Why it is Important to Optimize Web Design for Video Content

Over the years the content on websites has gradually shifted from being mostly text-based to incorporating more visual elements. Nowadays that includes video content – but although the types of content have shifted, many web designs have yet to be optimized for videos.

Make no mistake it is important for modern web designs to be optimized for videos, or at very least video-friendly for a number of reasons:

  • Risk of looking ‘cluttered’

Compared to most other types of content the ‘busy’ nature of videos can cause a web design to look cluttered. That is especially the case if the web design doesn’t have sufficient white space – around the video as well as the other elements.

  • Affects the speed of the website

The speed at which your website loads is important as many visitors won’t stick around and wait if a website loads slowly and it can affect your ranking on search engines. When you incorporate video content it is important that you take into account the load it will place on your website and ensure that it doesn’t slow it down too significantly.

  • Increase the potential for distractions

When video content is used on websites, it is generally meant to be the star of the show – so to speak. However if a web design isn’t optimized it could contain other elements that distract from the video, causing the viewers eyes to wander and ultimately reducing its effectiveness.

  • Display on smaller screen sizes

A good chunk of online traffic now consists of mobile device users – over 50%, by some estimates. Considering that it is important that your video is able to be displayed properly on smaller screen sizes, so that it can be just as effective to that demographic as well. Normally responsive web design is used for this purpose, and should adjust the dimensions of the video and other elements depending on the screen size.

Aside from optimizing your web design, if you plan to publish video content it is just as critical that you’re able to produce high quality and impressive videos. While recording videos is easier than ever nowadays you may face difficulty editing them, which is why you should make it a point to try Movavi Video Editor.

Essentially Movavi Video Editor is a video editing software that is designed to be intuitive, and is so easy to use that you won’t need any prior experience to edit your videos. Its features are nothing less than comprehensive and you can use them to enhance the quality of videos, cut and join segments, apply special effects, add audio tracks, and much more. All in all you should be able to produce truly impressive video content – without having to jump through any hoops.