Microsoft engineer Paul Barr does a deep dive into Surface Hub development and functionality

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Microsoft Ignite has brought a number of important and fascinating updates, primarily around the company’s enterprise-oriented cloud services solutions but with a smattering of other topics thrown in. For example, we have our best glimpse yet atwhat’s coming in Windows 10 Mobile while also gaining more evidence that Microsoft has absolutely no plans to fuss with the consumer market for at least the foreseeable future.

One very specific product that received some attention at Ignite is the Surface Hub, the physically largest member of the Surface family of hardware products and the one that’s the most focused on larger businesses. The Surface Hub is more than just an intelligent whiteboard. As we described it in another story:

The Surface Hub is Microsoft’s solution aimed at enabling advanced collaboration solutions, by reimagining the company’s own Pixel Sense technology. The Surface Hub utilizes the giant touchscreen, array microphones, dual cameras, and special software functionality to enable groups to share and interact with information in conference rooms and across distances. Last year, Microsoft announced price hikes and delayed shipping dates for its Surface Hub portfolio, and the last time we checked the first Surface Hub devices were supposed to ship to customers in early 2016.

Microsoft hosted a session at Ignite that delved into the development of the Surface hub and that provides some new insights into how the technology works together to make for a great collaborative solution. As the video description tells us:

Surface Hub is a powerful team collaboration device designed to advance the way people work together. In this session, Paul Barr from the Surface engineering team goes under hood to explain the components of the hardware design, development and management of the specialized Windows operating system, and tailored user experiences with Surface Hub.

Here’s what you’ll learn about if you watch the entire video:

  • A tour of the Surface Hub’s best-in-class design principles
  • A run-through of Surface Hub hardware
  • User experience innovations
  • The operating system foundation
  • The security incorporated into solution
  • How the Surface Hub can be deployed, managed, and serviced
  • The Surface Hub is a very focused device that’s built and priced to meet a very specific set of business needs. So far, the Surface Hub has exceeded Microsoft’s sales forecasts, meaning that it’s not only been a financial success but it’s also carving out a place in Microsoft’s line of productivity solutions. We’ll continue to keep you up-to-date on Surface Hub advancements, and let us know in the comments if you’re lucky enough to have used a Surface Hub in getting things done.

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