New combat survival radio by General Dynamics

A new combat survival radio for downed military pilots, air crew and isolated personnel, has been introduced by General Dynamics Mission Systems.

The HOOK3, announced by the company on Thursday, provides direct line-of-sight voice and encrypted two-way data communications.

“The HOOK3 provides military personnel in emergency situations a highly reliable, easy-to-use, secure radio critical to their successful recovery,” Paul Parent, a vice president of General Dynamics Mission Systems, said in a press release.

It activates and securely transmits location data automatically when specific G-Force or the presence of salt water is detected. It is also 30 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the company’s HOOK2 radio.

Hook3, with an embedded GPS module and 32 channels, transmits its data in short bursts to reduce the risk of detection.

General Dynamics said HOOK3 radio is interoperable with HOOK2 radios, and Quickdraw2 and SATCOM Base Station systems used by U.S. and its allies.