New Division Loot Cave Found in Russian Consulate Mission

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YouTuber MacroStyle shows how to farm a newly discovered loot exploit found within the Russian Consulate story mission within Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Loot farming has been all the rage lately in Tom Clancy’s The Division. Players within the popular open world shooter has seen a number of loot cave instances appear in the past couple weeks alone, with Ubisoft working diligently to close them off as quick as they can. Unfortunately for them, it appears that The Division may be destined to always have some sort of way to exploit the loot system as another loot farm has been found within the game.

The latest mission to feature an easy way to grind for loot is in the Russian Consulate mission which occurs near the end of the main story line. Like the very first loot cave exploit, high level players will need to kill the end boss, die and then respawn. In order to fully reap the benefits to this mission though, players will need to follow the advice given in the video as there are a number of unnatural steps that need to occur in order to trick the game.


Essentially, with one player still inside of the mission building, the other three leave and run around towards the back gate where the final enemies will spawn. Using a glitch that allows mobile cover to be placed through a gate, these players can then stick to cover, and walk through the locked gate into the final mission area. Once in position, the one remaining player runs through to the checkpoint which triggers the final wave, and should then meet up with the other three. After the boss is killed, one player will need to die next to the gate, causing the game to believe the mission wasn’t completed, allowing the group to essentially play this end section over and over.

After Ubisoft shut down the first loot exploit found with The Bullet King in Times Square, players have been seemingly discovering more and more on a weekly basis. Just a few days ago, fans of the game revealed an easy strategy involving the elite boss Hutch found at the end of the Madison Field Hospital mission towards the beginning of the game. By killing this boss character before he can jump down off the roof, a shadow version of the character will appear who can be easily killed and will drop all high powered loot.

At this time Ubisoft has yet to patch any of these newer exploits but with the speed that they’ve been providing fixes, it stands to reason that players should expect these zones to be updated sooner rather than later.

Have you found any other good farming locations within the game? Are you planning on trying out any of the exploits mentioned above? Let us know what you think below in the comments.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

[Source:- Gamerant]