Page Analyzer extension for Edge on Windows 10 shown off in leaked screenshot

Just a few days ago, we were the first to bring you news about extensions on Microsoft’s Edge browser, specifically news that it would be arriving to Insiders very shortly. Here’s what our very own Zac Bowden had to say about it:

I’m told extension support for Microsoft Edge is now available in the latest rs1_release builds being flighted internally, meaning we’re mere days/weeks away from extensions landing for Insiders. This is great news for not only Insiders but for developers too, as it means work can finally start on porting over Chrome extensions to Edge.

A leaked screenshot of the upcoming Page Analyzer extension for Microsoft Edge has hit the internet (courtesy of WindowsBlogItalia). No details were revealed, except for a screenshot of the extension  — which is just like any other web service or extension that helps web developers check websites for proper standards, accessibility, and performance recommendations.

Estensioni_2 Page Analyzer extension for Edge on Windows 10 shown off in leaked screenshot

Edge Extension (click image to enlarge)

Extensions for Microsoft Edge are expected to launch officially with the first wave of updates to Windows 10 starting this June, so stay tuned! Keep an eye on and we’ll let you know when extensions become available to Insiders for testing. From what we are hearing, there are very few extensions for Edge that are ready for testing with the upcoming desktop Insider build and will require developers to port or create them before we see an abundance of extensions available for consumers.

[Source:- Winbeta]