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Having only yesterday completed another local website (our 20th local website since our inception in 2013) for Cambridge City Barbers but also having once being a young entrepreneur myself looking for a company to assist me back in 2007 to open my own website, I would like to offer some useful advice.

Let’s have a look at some reasons why I personally believe using a Local agency is a MUST for a start-up business when looking to get the best possible result at an affordable price whilst at the same time building relationships locally.


I am of the firm belief that when it comes to such a crucial decision, communication is a key component and should significantly sway your opinion. Using a local agency makes that much simpler.

Easier to collect references

Using a local agency makes it a lot easier to ask previous clients, discuss their portfolio and collect opinions and views of other local businesses that may have perhaps interacted with them or even employed them to work on their project. A local company is also a lot more likely to want to complete your project to your full satisfaction as it would always want to retain a high profile locally and not damage its opportunities of attaining such local projects in the future.

Build relationships locally

Building a local network can be key for your business especially if you are a local company. Using a local agency will help you get an idea of similar companies out there, how they went about their websites and perhaps even whether your local designer has already worked with a company in your industry.

Affiliate Marketing

You are also able to build a recommendation relationship with your designer. If they have a requirement or perhaps one of their clients does, you can recommend each other and help build a small local network to get your name out there.


A local agency will understand your monetary constraints a lot more than a large or multinational agency as they tend to operate in the same environment as you – consequently recognising the difficulties in the market. What is more, local agencies (such as ourselves) are able to offer websites on a monthly installment basis rather than the full amount up-front, giving you a bit more space to manoeuvre financially.

Summarising, using a local agency can be of great benefit in the long run for your company and overall design. You will be able to have a more hands on approach and also build a relationship with your designer whilst making sure they deliver your exact requirements. All of the images above are of just some of the local clients in Cambridgeshire we have created websites for and for some of whom we still assist in managing their sites, hosting accounts and Social media. Feel free to click on the images to see more of their websites and tell us what you think.

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