Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 General Availability Announced

Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7. The latest version of the company’s Enterprise Linux 6 platform offers some new features around security and additional compatibility with Red Hat Access Insights. Although one version back from the company’s current Linux 7 platform, many businesses continue to rely on Linux 6.

“Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is the stable, predictable backbone for business-critical IT deployments across the globe, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 builds upon this foundation with access to new capabilities and services,” said Jim Totton, Vice President and General Manager, Platforms Business Unit at Red Hat.

Red Hat Linux 6.7 enhances security by allowing for read-only mounting of removable media. Operating systems have long offered the ability to restrict data to specified users. However, one continuing security problem, termed data leakage, exists where an otherwise authorized user copied secure data to an insecure, removable storage device. This data is then easy to access without proper security, whether maliciously, or inadvertently. Read-only mounting of removable media gives users the ability to access data on removable devices, without allowing them to copy sensitive data to the same.

Also on the security front, the 6.7 version now includes the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) Workbench, formerly available in Red Hat Enterprise 7. SCAP is a method for using standards to enable vulnerability management and security compliance. The workbench functions as a tool to scan and measure compliance against company defined security guidelines and criteria all in a single graphical interface.

For Red Hat, the big feature of version 6.7 is full compatibility with Red Hat Access Insights, a new hosted service from Red Hat used to identify and resolve various technical issues in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. The Insights platform collects information from the identified system at regular intervals. The data is analyzed for potential issues, particularly those concerning configuration, security and performance. The engine for the Insights platform is based on Red Hat’s own knowledge base. Once issues are identified, remediation steps are offered. Insights is integrated into Red Hat Satellite 5 and 6 for easy management.

For customers making the move to container-based applications, Red Hat Enterprise 6.7 also includes a base image to keep operations intact while making the transition.

[Source:- Tomsitpro]