Six Free Resources Dallas Business Owners Need To Know About

As a local business in Dallas, taking advantage of the freeresources the community offers is not only smart business sense, but also an effective way to operate. Dallas has no shortage of freetools available to business owners that can help cultivate and grow a business successfully. Resources such as the DFW Startup Community Slack community and local Meetup groups, for instance, are an ideal way to connect with the local community or gain insight into business practices, as is tapping into local university programs and events.

These are not the only options out there. To help leaders understand exactly what kinds of resources are available to Dalla-area business owners and operators, six members of Forbes DallasCouncil have shared a free local resource they have found to be incredibly valuable. Here is what they said.

1. Dallas Entrepreneur Center

I’ve greatly enjoyed being a member of the Dallas Entrepreneur Center. Through the DEC, I have been able to meet many other entrepreneurs and connect with local mentors in helpful fields such as marketing, legal, web development, and business scaling. – Robert Neely, InspireMore 

Forbes Dallas Council is the foremost growth and networking organization for business owners in Dallas. Do I qualify?

2. University Support Programs

We have some of the best universities in the local Dallas-Fort Worth area. As an alumnus of the University of Texas at DallasMBA program, I’ve found an amazing support network at UTD that has helped with advice, relationships, recruiting, and even brought in our first funding. – Corey Egan, iLumi Solutions, Inc.

3. Watch What Works

Companies should be relentlessly following and observing the companies and influencers doing it the BEST in your space. If you want to know which trends are new and actually working, all you have to do is pay attention. Websites, online ads you see, social media, billboards, conferences, etc. are all free how to’s. – Craig Lewis, Gig Wage

4. Local Connections Via LinkedIn

There are scores of local organizations such as the DEC and Capital Factory in Dallas, but the very best “local” resource for making new local connections and strengthening our existing local relationships is LinkedIn. Our team uses the eponymous networking site for prospecting and partnering on a daily basis. – Alexander Muse, Sumo Ventures 

5. Dallas City Council

The Dallas City Council has been a great resource for our business. Alcohol manufacturing is legally intensive, and having the local government in your corner is very valuable. – Joel Malone, Bishop Cider Company, LLC 

6. DFW Startup Community Slack

I am an avid user of the DFW Startup Community Slack channel, which has amazing conversations around topics like finding employees, solving problems and growing a startup. I use it almost daily. – Michael Pratt, Panamplify, Inc.