The Struggling H-2A Visa Program

China and the United States have been engaged with a trade war for over one year now, and many are hoping that it concludes soon. The strain on the economy has been felt in almost every sector, and this is especially true for domestic farmers. Accompanied by a dreadful grow season, farmers are looking at one of the worst seasons in years. Combined with the majority of individuals not wanting to work on a farm nowadays, this industry as a whole is hanging by a thread. There are so many things working against farmers at this time that foreign aid should be welcomed with open arms at this time. The federal government must establish new guidelines for the h2a guest worker program to assist one of the oldest industries in the United States.

Receiving More Than Money

President Trump has assisted farmers twice with benefits packages designed to ease the burden of the ongoing trade war. While the farming community surely appreciates this, it appears as if they desire more than just money. These farmers are looking for fair trade with other nations to return to a time of prosperity. In a time where companies are producing items like the Impossible Burger, farmers need to be able to operate at full-capacity to survive and thrive. Even with these subsidies, many producers are going out of business because the cost of doing business is too high with this trade war. Aside from trade, the federal government should also tune up the H-2A Visa program so farmers can attract more help.

Receiving Foreign Aid

Countless individuals are looking to enter the United States and start life anew. Instead of concerning oneself with illegal immigration, the United States should figure out ways to bring foreign workers over here legally. Returning to the H-2A Visa program will surely assist with these efforts.