Top 20 Linux Blogs You Should Follow in 2020 [Updated]

Learning Linux was never as easy as it is today. Several of the Linux blogs have been published and yes they prove their value by providing the best writings. As all fingers cannot be the same likewise many of the blogs maybe not important to you. But good Linux blogs can help you in achieving your target Linux certification. However, as a beginner, it becomes important to decide which Linux blog you should follow.

Whether you are a beginner or a SysAdmin, it is always hard to find out the best Linux blogs in this vast ocean of the internet. As Linux is an open-source operating system so the code is available to the users. The users can add or modify the code according to their use.

So Linux is an OS that is reliable, secure, and virus free, other OS become slow as they are used but that is not the case with Linux. It can be used in parallel with other OS like Windows. There are several versions of Linux which offers different advantages and facilities to work upon for numerous types of users. Distros like Archi Linux, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, RHEL, Mageia, Kali Linux are some of the popular Linux operating systems that are used worldwide.

In this article, we will deal with some Linux blogs and websites that are a must for the beginners as well as SysAdmins. These blogs should be bookmarked by the end users so that the users could have an ever growing career with expert tips and tricks.

Top Linux Blogs for Beginners

Every user who has started using Linux would find it difficult which of the blog he should follow. No need to worry as in this section we have provided the list of Linux blogs for beginners that will keep them updated from time to time as these blogs are very effective and are updated regularly. 

#1 OMG! Ubuntu!

Ubuntu is a good platform to start for beginners. There is a lot to learn using Ubuntu and Omg Ubuntu provides the best platform so that the users with a little knowledge of Linux can start their career. If you want to get the latest news just subscribe to this website and it will send regular notifications whenever new content is uploaded. The best part is that the website only deals with the Ubuntu OS content. The blog was started in 2009 covering most of the information on the Linux operating system.

#2 Linux Scoop

There are certain persons who only love to watch video content on the web. So here is good news for them. LinuxScoop streams quality content videos so that the users could gain a lot of knowledge from these videos. It also has an advantage that you can get the videos as well as the text content so that not even a single word is missed by you.

It contains a wide variety of topics, how to guides as well as the current news and articles. The website is well optimized for mobile users so you can also access it easily with your smartphone. The developers could also submit videos about Linux and distribution review and other open source information.

#3 Kernel Newbies

The kernel is an important part of Linux. Without learning kernel, you can not understand the basic functioning of Linux. Kernel Newbies is the best Linux blog about kernel on the web. The kernel developers could also share their knowledge about the kernel and add information on the website.

WikiSandBox, MoinMoin are some of the software that helps in running the smooth functioning of the website and providing quality content so that users could have a better experience. It is like a Wikipedia to the aspiring Linux Kernel users.

#4 NoobsLab

If you are fond of reading lengthy books and getting in-depth knowledge of technical Linux coding then this website is only for you. It contains large volumes of tutorials, Ebooks and articles which are easy to understand and implement. You could also get the latest information about any release of any new Linux version or any Linux update. It also contains tips and guides, if followed it could get you a better strategy for study. 

#5 LinuxG

LinuxG has the best “how to install” articles for Ubuntu/ Linux systems. The blog is full of resources and the information is updated every day. It was started in the year 2012 and is still among the best Linux blogs for beginners. The website has the vision to lend an easy hand to the beginners so that they could learn about their favorite distros. You could also subscribe to this blog to get the latest information first on your email. Many of the top Linux users have also rated it as the best for the beginners.

#6 Linoxide

If you do not know anything about Linux then no need to worry. Linoxide provides best Linux blogs so that you could learn it from scratch. Starting from how to install the Linux in your PC to secure your Linux server, they have everything in their blog. The articles are in explained in a detailed and stepwise manner with examples. It also contains the huge command list to be used for the developers.

Top Linux Blogs for Experienced

If you have gained some experience in Linux whether as a developer or administrator, we’ve created this section for you. Here you will find the top Linux blogs for experienced Linux professionals that will help you to advance your knowledge. Without diverting mind, let’s get ahead to know about these blogs.

#7 Linux is an official and fundamental resource that provides open source information about Linux. Here you can find the latest news, how to blogs, best practices, and Linux software resources. The Linux blog has a lot to learn for the developers. administrators, and Linux professionals. You can get content in various forms such as Text Articles, Photos, Infographics, Videos etc. Here also you can contribute by providing content as the community blog.


LWN is a bit difficult for the beginners and a user should have prior knowledge of Linux before accessing this site. If you are having some experience in using Linux then LWN is the premier news and information source for you. They have comprehensive coverage of commercial and other developers issues. It was initially started in the year 1997 with the editors Elizabeth Coolbaugh and Jonathan Corbet. You have many options to follow these from your twitter, RSS, and other social networking sites and forums.

#8 LinuxTopia

If you are a Java, C++ or Linux developer, then this website is for you only. This website contains a wide range of online tutorials on an enterprise level with a must know information on technical stuff. Now you do not have to buy any expensive books as all the books and tutorials are available for free on this website. It has over 16,000 pages of technical stuff. It also contains a search bar, just type the keyword and find your desired query.

#9 Planet Kernel

This is another kernel focussed website where you will get all the latest updates on the kernel. You will also get the summit and events notice happening all around the world in the Linux developers forum. You could also mark this website if you want more information on other operating systems like Debian, Gnome, etc as they have a separate link for these operating systems.

#10 linuxpoison.blogspot

This is a blogspot website for Linux developers where all the journals, kernel modules and other guides to programming for Linux are present with some of the technical stuff for the coders. This website also contains White Papers for the developers. You will find here everything in more detail which will leave you with hours of interesting articles.

#11 LinuxInsider

LinuxInsider is run by ECT News Network where you can get all the latest updates on Linux for developers. It also contains exclusive reviews by the users of Linux. You can also find the most suitable application reviews and information about these applications which is a necessity for your Linux OS. If you want to get important apps to be installed on your Linux operating system then you can opt for this website for the reference.

#12 TecAdmin

TecAdmin is a website started by Rahul Kumar in the year 2013 and is still running successfully. The how-to guides are the main attraction of this website and provide full information for the Linux as well as Windows administrators.  If you have something to share about Linux then you can contact the administrator of the website and post content on the web to help others. It contains high-quality articles with simple English which are easy to grasp for the mind.

#14 if-not-true-then-false

The blog was created in 2009 and contains information on open-source systems, Unix based articles, and technical programming. It was mainly created to support FOSS operating system and increased the number of Linux articles to build interest of users in Linux. It contains an in-depth guide for server installation, office, and other important features. It is one of the must-follow Linux blogs.

#15 Binarytides

Binarytides contains another good set of blogs for Ubuntu and Linux platforms. You can also refer to the website for tech articles for the users. Topics related to server administration and network security are the main attraction of this website. You can also subscribe to their Facebook and Twitter handles for updates on Linux blogs.

Top Linux Blogs for SysAdmin

If you want to become a SysAdmin on Linux then follow these Linux blogs and websites and mark this blog as a reference for your study. If you are interested in Linux commands, tools like Docker and Kubernetes, then the below are the top Linux blogs that you should follow regularly.

#16 Unixmen

It is a popular Linux blog among SysAdmins that contains blogs on Linux, Unix, and open sources. It also provides the facility for clearing your doubts. If you have any problem in your code then you can freely ask on this website and the professionals are always ready to help you. Installation of sysadmin tools and configuration are readily available on this website.

#17 The Geek Stuff

The identity of Ramesh Natrajan is quite popular among the Sysadmins. This is the work of Ramesh which provides the best blogs inculcating his 17 years of experience on this blog. It also contains the best books and several articles on Databases like MySql, Oracle, Hardware, Web Design, and development. If you are a beginner in Linux then also you can refer to this website and slowly increase your knowledge and move forward with more technical topics.

#18 Xmodulo

Xmodulo is the work of a single man Dan Nanni. It contains several FAQs, tips, and tutorials like desktop customization and other SysAdmin works. All the installation steps and other technical information is portrayed in a stepwise manner so the reader could understand everything easily.

#19 Tecmint

Tecmint is a website handled by a team of Linux experts and deals with how-to articles. You could also find the best installation and configurationally manuals of Linux and open source tools. It is also among the oldest and most informative blog on the net. If you are going for the interview then I suggest that you should bookmark this website in your browser.

#20 nixCraft

Vivek Gite is the man behind this awesome website and this blog was created in the year 2002. It contains the most practical information on the net regarding the Linux and Unix. You can also find many stepwise guides on the configuration of the tools that are used by the SysAdmins. All the blog posts are very easy and readable.