Author Teddy Vanover’s Newly Released “Words Of Inspiration” is a Collection Of Worshipful Poetry Inspired by the Joy And Wonder of God’s Word In Scripture

Words of Inspiration” from Christian Faith Publishing author Teddy Vanover is a book of verse based on stories in the Bible that reflects the poet’s spiritual joy in immersing himself in Scripture.

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“Words of Inspiration”: a collection of Scripture-based poems inspired by biblical stories. “Words of Inspiration” is the creation of published author Teddy Vanover, a retired electrician in the coal mining industry who was born in a small Appalachian mining community in West Virginia and has attended church for as long as he can remember. He began writing poems for his church bulletin upon his retirement and hopes that readers will discover God’s purpose for their lives as they read and meditate on the verses in this book.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Teddy Vanover’s new book is a collection of spiritual poems inspired by Scripture.

View a synopsis of “Words of Inspiration” on YouTube.

Readers can purchase”Words of Inspiration” at traditional brick and mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.


WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” released


Okay, if I don’t write more than that, I’ll be asked to elaborate, I suspect. And it’s just as well, because this might be one of WordPress’ most important updates in a while. I’m not at all exaggerating about that.

You can find out more at the end of the… kidding. Here it is:


In my experience, WordPress’ versioning and recovery options have been iffy at best. There have been times that I’ve gone through the process of restoring a draft, only to see the content field completely stripped of content.

Don’t get me started on how much of a pain it is to grab content straight from the “compare drafts” screen. It’s almost easier to rewrite it all.

Well from now on, WordPress will save the current draft to the browser. If everything crashes somewhere between the 6th and 8th circles of Hell, content recovery just got a lot easier.

No word on fixing the version system though.


Ever wish that you could just download, install, update, and delete plugins without constantly reloading pages? Well someone with programming skills did too, and now we have that feature. It just got that much easier to install a plugin that breaks your system.

All hail AJAX.

(No but really, that’s cool, and will save a lot of people a lot of time.)


There is now an automatic link checker that makes sure you never, ever make a link to ever again. This is possibly as much for your convenience as their bandwidth.

In addition, the WordPress dashboard will now prioritize fonts that you already have installed. Basically, this means that it will load and run a bit faster, since webfonts will be the fallback. It also means that your typographical experience in WordPress may vary greatly.

Under the hood, they’ve made various improvements, including a few designed to further speed things up. It will also automatically download and use language packs for all of your plugins and themes, provided they are available from WordPress’ translator community.

All in all, this update is made up of quality-of-life features for both content editors, site managers, and theme developers. Over the last few updates, we’ve seen a trend of features that deliberately target pet peeves and performance issues, and I like it.

I think we can save any attempts to redefine the blogging experience ’til, say, 6.0?



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Windows 10 Mobile news recap: Anniversary Update released, PoGo returns, official Facebook app

Welcome back to our weekly Windows 10 Mobile news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Let’s get started.

PoGo’s triumphant return

PoGo, the third party app designed to let Windows 10 Mobile users play Pokemon Go, had a bit of a rocky start. It ran fine for about a week before the folks at Niantic changed up their API, tragically shutting out PoGo users for a while. Earlier this week, however, the dev team behind PoGo brought the app back from the dead. On top of being able to function again, much-requested features including Pokeball-flicking and general quality of life improvements were added. Due to the nature of Niantic’s third party approach, PoGo could go down again at any moment. Beyond that, there’s a very real risk that you can be banned from Pokemon Go by using a third party app. Use PoGo at your own risk!

Windows 10 Anniversary Update begins to roll out to mobile

We had to wait for a few weeks, but Windows 10 Mobile users are finally getting their hands on the anticipated update to Windows 10. Bringing a wide array of features to the OS, this new update should be doing a whole lot to revitalize the Windows 10 Mobile experience that users have been getting used to this past year. Windows 10 Mobile users should look forward to improved battery life in Microsoft Edge, new features in Cortana, and more.

More depressing sales numbers for Windows OS mobile market share

Let’s not mince words – Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile have never been big players. Last year Windows Phone had a minuscule slice of the proverbial pie when it came to market share, having only 2.5% of the mobile market. According to new reports from Gartner, those numbers have only gotten worse. A year after that 2.5% figure was taken, Windows Phone/W10M market share has dropped down to just 0.6%. Ouch.

Facebook releases its own app for Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft’s app gets the boot

We’ve been using Microsoft’s app for Facebook for a while, and while it was perfectly functional it wasn’t exactly amazing. After a long time of waiting, Facebook has finallyreleased a first party application for Windows 10 Mobile users, which should automatically replace the Microsoft app that was on your handset. The new app is a bit sleeker, and actually runs pretty well – there shouldn’t be too much of an issue with the fact that you can’t use the old app anymore.



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New Quake Episode released to have a good time series’ 20th Birthday

New Quake Episode Released to Celebrate Series’ 20th Birthday

In birthday celebration of the collection20th anniversary, developer system games release a ultra-modern episode of the conventional first-person shooter Quake as a gift to lovers.

After Bethesda and id software program made a a hit return to the longgoing for walks DOOM franchise with the properlyacquired reboot lower back in can also, there was a few hypothesis as to whether any other classic FPS collection, Quake, could also receive a new entry. To the marvel of lovers, a brand new access titled Quake Champions turned into introduced at Bethesda’s E3 show off this year, and no longer only does the title mark the first access inside the series in eleven years, but its statement additionally coincided with the franchise’s twentieth anniversary. The lengthystatus history of the collection has no longer been lost on developer machine video games, and the studio have determined to celebrate it in a very nostalgic way.

In a trip back down memory-lane, gadget games has made a state-of-the-art Quake episode in honor of the conventional-shooter’s 20th birthday, and made it unfastened to all on Bethesda’s internet site. The studio clearly recognizes the fee in celebrating gaming anniversaries, specially for a chain as iconic as Quake‘s, and this new degree will no longer best please older fanatics of the franchise, but it’ll help generate some goodwill for the upcoming Quake Champions.

With machine video games having contributed to the current DOOM reboot, the original creators of Quake and DOOM, identity software, had nothing however reward for the new episode.

apparently, Quake isn’t the only traditional FPS to obtain a modern degree this year. just multiple months ago, the co-author of the original DOOM, John Romero, dropped a cutting-edge map for the classic 1993 game, despite the fact that that motivations behind that launch become greater to promote his new shooter undertaking in preference to to have fun the franchise.

whilst it received’t take long for Quake fanatics to rise up to hurry with machine video games’ new stage, it’s a specific story for the approaching Quake Champions. out of doors of the preliminary CG monitor trailer, not an awful lot is known approximately the imminent arena multiplayer shooter, there was hypothesis that the name will a few MOBA fashion gameplay factors due to the usage of the phrase “champions” and what seems to be unique individual builds to be had to gamers.

With not a lot acknowledged about Quake Champions, and its launch date nonetheless unknown at this factor, fans can tide themselves over for now with that new classic Quake episode till new bulletins and exhibits are dropped in the upcoming months.