3 Ways You Can Get Out of Jail

As soon as you hear the snap of the handcuffs as they lock around your wrist, panic may settle over you, and you may wonder how you got yourself into the predicament. Knowing you are heading for jail instead of your home can cause anxiety, and if you are facing felony charges, that anxiety can be very intense. Once you have gone through the booking process, you can be released from custody in one of these four ways.

Finding a Bail Bondsman

Most people have a limited income, so the sudden expense of thousands of dollars in bail can be almost impossible to cover. A Lehigh County bail bonds company can help secure your freedom by allowing you to pay 10 percent of the bond amount.

Posting You Own Bail

For those that have a large bank balance and can afford to pay the courts the entire cash amount, posting bail can allow quick release. Once the judge determines the amount required, you can pay the mandatory amount, sign documents confirming scheduled court dates, collect personal items, and resume your life.

Requesting Own Recognizance Release

When a trial is still pending, and this is your first arrest, a judge may release you on your own recognizance. That means you will sign a promissory document with the court declaring you will attend all future appearances associated with the case. You will also promise not to become involved in any illegal activities while you are out of jail.

Knowing there are ways to get out of jail once you or a loved one are arrested can ease the anxiety and uncertainty associated with the process. You do not need to sit in a cold jail cell for more than a few hours because you know you can use a bondsman, post bail, or ask a judge of a recognizance release.