Asus’ Windows Mixed Reality headset will cost 449 euros

Asus is officially launching its Windows Mixed Reality headset at IFA this week. It looks like the most unique headset design we’ve seen so far from the many Mixed Reality headsets that Windows laptop makers have been revealing in recent months. Asus has added a polygonal 3D cover panel to the front, and supports six degrees of freedom tracking without sensors.

The lack of sensors is a key part of Microsoft’s virtual reality drive, although the company has branded its initial efforts as “Mixed Reality.” Many of the same VR experiences that are available on Oculus Rift or HTC’s Vive headset will also run on Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform, and Microsoft is supporting SteamVR content. Asus’ headset weighs less than a pound, making it one of the more lighter headsets available, and it has a 3K resolution.

Asus plans to make its Windows Mixed Reality headset available later this year, priced at 449 euros. Converted to dollars, that’s $535 and a lot more than Dell’s $349.99 headset. Dell is also launching its headset with two motion controllers for $449.99, but it’s not clear whether Asus is offering its own controllers as a bundle. During our early look at Windows Mixed Reality, the motion controllers seem like a necessary addition to get the most out of recent VR games.