Destiny 2 has become appointment gaming

Bungie has pulled off a rare feat in gaming: It has successfully turned its biggest franchise into appointment gaming. Hardcore Destiny 2 fans know when things are going to happen in the game, and they show up to enjoy the spoils.

It’s always fun to see what Xur is selling on Friday morning. It’s a bummer that this week is such a snooze in that department. There’s still the weekend to look forward to, however, which means staying up late at least one night to run the weekly Nightfall strike to round out my milestone rewards. Maybe I’ll take a crack at running the raid again before things reset on Tuesday.


Destiny 2’s progression is all about gear and power levels, which means that Bungie can keep a tight rein on how players progress by doling out gear with high enough power levels at regular times throughout the week. It’s a system designed to allow you to be a competitive player who takes part in the big events without having to give up your life for the grind.

Overall, this is a pretty welcome improvement over the original for many people. Some may have liked the rewards for spending a ridiculous amount of time in the game, but Destiny 2 is built to allow you to play for a reasonable amount of time each week while still progressing into the game’s endgame activities and at least some of the best gear.