How to get bigger text on Android

The displays on Android phones might be getting larger, but with increased pixel counts to match, text can actually become smaller instead of bigger. If you’re struggling to read words on your phone’s screen, you can adjust the size of text to make it bigger. Here’s how.

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Using the text size setting on Android

As Android smartphones all have different user interfaces, depending on which manufacturer has built them, these instructions might not match exactly those on your particular device.

The general principle should be consistent though, so you’ll find what you’re looking for no matter which phone model you own.

The first thing to do is open Settings. This is achieved by swiping your finger down from the very top of the screen to bring up the quick-settings pane. In the top right corner you’ll see a cog icon. Tap this and the main Settings window will appear.

Now, find the Display section and tap on this, then look for a setting which mentions Font, Zoom or Text and tap on that.

how to big bigger text on android

Depending on the version of Android you are using, you will see either options to select different sizes of text, or a split window with text in the upper section and sliders in the lower section.

If the former is the case, then tap on one of the options larger than the currently selected size.Next, go to an app and see if the text is easier to read. If it is, your work here is done, if not, return to the menu and work up the sizes until you’re happy.

For devices running Android 7 or above you can move the slider marked Font Size. Dragging it to the right will increase the size of text, and the opposite direction will make it smaller.

how to get bigger text on android

You can monitor how this changes the text by looking at the upper pane in which the words grow or shrink in response to the slider.

If the font itself isn’t to your liking then there’s also the option to choose a new one from the Font Style menu beneath the Font Size slider.

When you’re happy with how everything looks, tap Apply at the top of the screen and your squinting days should be a thing of the past.