It’s Hard To Go Back To Sub-60 FPS Gaming

On today’s Kotaku Splitscreen, we’re talking about noir games, how to get your husband into The Witcher 3, PC vs. consoles, and much much more.

First, Kirk and I jump into news on Mafia 3‘s developer laying people off, Kentucky’s governor blaming video games for shootings, and the System Shockreboot facing development troubles. Then we answer some listener questions (23:01) on console vs. PC gaming and getting your non-gaming spouse into The Witcher 3. We finish things off (48:05) by chatting about games we’re playing: Assassin’s Creed Origins and A Case of Distrust.

Also, we tease a little something that you should be very, very excited for.

And here’s a brief excerpt about why I’m finding it hard to go back to consoles:

Jason: Here’s my position. I have now officially been a PC gamer, or more accurately, I’ve had a hardcore super-high-end gaming PC since the beginning of January. First of all, I love it to death. Second of all, the biggest difference for me has been the framerate of games. I knew this was going to happen, because framerate is the one thing I’ve noticed most over the years—when a game is chugging on consoles, I can always tell. It was tough to play Bloodborne for that very reason.

So jumping into something like Rise of the Tomb Raider, which I just started playing, and Assassin’s Creed Origins, which I just started replaying on PC, these games running at 60 frames-per-second makes such a huge difference. It makes the game feel so much smoother, and so much better than playing it at 30 frames per second or below on a console on your TV.

That to me makes the biggest difference. I’m not playing at 4K, I’m playing on a 1440p monitor. Man, I have to get used to all the jargon.

That framerate thing makes such a big difference that it’s making me want to play mostly on PC when I have the option. But the flip side is, sitting on a couch is more comfortable than sitting at my desk. For me, framerate has been winning out—I have a decent gaming chair, so I’ve been sitting back and playing on my DualShock 4 and I’m just having a blast, cause it’s running at 60 fps. I could not imagine now going back to consoles and playing that game at 30 fps. Listen to the full show for much, much more. As always, you can find Splitscreen on Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Leave us a review if you like what you hear, and reach us at [email protected] with any and all questions, requests, and suggestions.