Helpful Tips for Refreshing Your Home

Sometimes, a change is needed. If you do not want to dive headfirst into big, renovational changes at home, these are a few ways you can still make your house feel like new.

Switch Your Accent Colors

If your walls are a neutral color and you have used the same kind of accent color for a while now (or no accent at all!), try changing it up. This could mean accenting a grey color palette with more saturated greens and purples. It could mean mix-and-matching colors, too. Blue walls paired with orange and yellow throw pillows, comforters or picture frames can be very pleasing to the eye. Take some time to consider what colors you like best and give this a try.

Try Some New Art

Sometimes, the same painting or photo can sit on your wall or mantle for years! An easy way to refresh and update your home is by changing out your artwork and updating your photographs. Try purchasing one of a kind artwork or something from a local art fair. Add in new pictures of your kids or schedule some family photos to be taken. Having something new to catch your eye when you walk in the room can make the space feel like new.

Update Knobs, Handles, and Hooks

This can be a simple, inexpensive way to make a small change in your home. Consider picking out new knobs for your dresser or cabinets. Feel free to get funky with these! Find something that you find beautiful. Switching out handles and even coat hooks for something quirky and unique can add a cute, unexpected touch to any room.

Updating your home can be quick and easy, especially if you are just looking to make small changes. Try these three ideas to get you started and you will be on your way in no time!