New No Man’s Sky Demo Reveals New Gameplay Details

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In new 21 minute demo, Hello Games managing director Sean Murray demonstrates some gameplay details for the studio’s upcoming universe-exploration title, No Man’s Sky. 

Gamers don’t have long to wait before No Man’s Sky‘s June launch, and despite the approaching release date, fans still don’t have much of an idea on what the game entails. But thanks to a new gameplay demo, some light has been shed on what players can get up to in No Man’s Sky.

The new 21-minute demo was unveiled on IGN by No Man’s Sky co-director Sean Murray, who played through a section of the game and provided some useful commentary on some of the single-player gameplay details gamers can expect. Playing like a colorful first-person shooter, every player will begin No Man’s Sky on a completely random planet, ensuring that each gamer will have a unique experience.

Murray states that one of the main aims of the game involves gathering resources and combining them to build technology. Each resource was developed based on a faux periodic table, and players can expect different planets to have different resources. With gamers needing a few billion years to explore every planet in No Man’s Sky, expect to find a wide range of resources throughout the game’s universe. Interestingly, the game contains no mini-map, which Murray states is a design choice due to No Man’s Sky‘s focus on having players explore never-before-seen planets on their own.

In addition to resource gathering, one of the other main aims of No Man’s Sky is survival, which is an area where the aforementioned resource gathering mechanic can be used. In order to survive dangerous wildlife and/or hazardous planets, players can build protective gear and weapons using whatever resources they may have. In addition to building gear, No Man’s Sky features an intriguing destructive environment mechanic, and many planets will feature enormous cave networks just waiting to be uncovered.

Having previous stated that No Man’s Sky will feature alien languages, Murray revealed that alien languages and the game’s lore can be learned through left over alien relics. While players will have the option of antagonizing NPC’s, learning new alien languages is important if players want to sell or trade useful items and resources with alien NPC’s. Murray also showed off some of the buildings which players can come across, and should gamers be killed by a planet’s wildlife or angry robotic sentinels, these buildings will serve as a respawn point.

And finally, Murray demonstrated No Man’s Sky‘s space exploration mechanic, in which gamers can leave a planet by a spaceship and go exploring in outer space. Not only can players spend lifetimes exploring the game’s many planets, but countless hours can also be spent in space just interacting with traders, minable asteroids, and space stations. Should gamers get bored flying around in space, it is possible to attack other ships and get a wanted level, though players should definitely expect some heavy resistance.

While a number of new details have been unveiled in the 21-minute demo – which can be viewed above – No Man’s Sky‘s story remains a mystery. But based on what we’ve seen so far from the demo, No Man’s Sky is still easily one of 2016’s most anticipated games, and we’re hoping that when the story is finally revealed, it will be comparable to No Man’s Sky‘s impeccable gameplay.


[Source:- Gamerant]