No Man’s Sky Mod Lets Players Fly Through Caves, Underwater

No Man’s Sky Mod Lets Players Fly Through Caves, Underwater

The latest mod for No Man’s Sky lets players navigate their ships close to the planet’s surface, through caves, and even underwater, but it isn’t perfect.

When No Man’s Sky was first announced, gamers’ minds were racing with the thought of an 18 quintillion-planet galaxy that was ripe for exploration. However, once No Man’s Sky officially launched it became clear that the exploration would have some restrictions or limitations. Luckily, the PC version of the game has mod support, which allows players to bypass some of the limitations in No Man’s Sky and experience the game as they imagined.

One of those mods that helps make No Man’s Sky feel like a true exploration title is the low flight mod. As the name implies, the low flight mod allows players to get closer to the surface and even go through caves and underwater.

Without mods, No Man’s Sky players can only get so close to the surface of a planet before the game pushes them backwards. Moreover, if a player heads towards a planet or object at a high speed they will simply bounce off instead of crash. It’s a detail that doesn’t bother every player, but some feel it takes away from the realism. There are not many dangers in No Man’s Sky as it stands, so the fear of crashing could force players to be a little more cautious.

It’s important to mention, though, that this low flight mod does not make crashes possible. Instead the mod simply allows players to get close to the surface of a planet, but if they get too close their ship will only take some damage.

But be warned that getting too close to the surface or going through caves or underwater can lead to a ship taking devastating damage. This shouldn’t lead to anything game breaking – at worse players will have to recover theirresources from their ship’s grave – but it’s better to be aware.


That being said, it’s hard to see what this low flight mod would add to No Man’s Sky outside of the ability to explore caves and underwater areas. Since the ship can’t mine for resources there really isn’t any point in going to these areas outside of seeing what they look like. Flying lower to the ground might add to the realism, but it also has the potential of getting the player’s ship stuck.

To say that No Man’s Sky has been one of the more polarizing releases of this year would be to put it mildly. While some praise Hello Games for their procedurally generated universe, others feel they were misled by early marketing materials and quotes from the developers. Either way, the game has a ton of buzz surrounding it and the mod scene is only just getting started. Not to mention the developers have not added anything “new” to the game since launching No Man’s Sky a few weeks ago.


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