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Rummy is one of the most favorite card games in the country. No occasion or festival is complete without a circle of rummy friends playing a game of rummy. That’s the influence of rummy on our socio-cultural lives.

Being an absolute entertainer, rummy has never fallen short of entertaining people who have always enjoyed playing the game regularly with their family and rummy friends.

The game has grown over the years, so has the inclination of the people towards the game. The online rummy game is a testimony to this fact. Ever since the game reinvented itself with its virtual format, the game has been a roaring success. Everyday millions of people play rummy across the world. And their numbers are growing by each day.

Legal recognition of the game as a skill-basedgame has led to the emergence of many players in the rummy gaming industry. While there is ahandful who have established themselves as fair and transparent platforms for rummy games; there are many others out there doing dubious business and swindling online gamers of their money.

But, thankfully, things are not the same anymore. The leading and the genuine players of the industry have come together to set up a self-regulatory body The Rummy Federation (TRF) to protect the interest of their online gamers’ and spearhead the growth of the industry by being its voice.


The aim of The Rummy Federation (TRF) is to promote rummy as a skill based game. There still exists a deeply entrenched thought in the minds of the people that rummy is a game based on chance. By setting up TRF, and through its activities, major rummy industry players aim to promote the game as based on one’s mental skills of logical reasoning and decision making for its success.


  1. Implement industry best practices

One of the key objectives for setting up a rummy self-regulatory body was to adopt industry best practices from other countries where the industry is regulated. In addition to utilizing the knowledge and experience gained by the individual operators for the industry growth, the primary focus would be to proactively take initiatives that foster the growth of online rummy industry in the country.

  1. Set high standards

As the game is fast catching up, the need to regulate the industry becomes all the more important. Sensing this very fundamental requirement to create for a healthy and prosperous growth in the future, major online rummy players have come forward to establish high standards in terms of software integrity, responsible gaming, and advertising. They believe the onus is on them to bring in a great level of transparency and credibility to the rummy industry.

  1. Set benchmarks for growth

As several new entrants are making a beeline into the business, another area of focus for the TRF would be to implement quality and standards in the industry which become industry benchmarks for other online businesses. TRF intends to be the gold standard for the online rummy industry.

  1. Ensure fair play

In their objective to make the game transparent and trustworthy, TRF aims to introduce certain measures to protect the interests of millions of online rummy players. It aims to do regular audits of rummy portals to ensure they are using certified Random Number Generator (RNG) software only. This initiative is in the best interest of the online rummy players.

The future is bright

As the game basks in its past glory while charting a new success into the future, the rummy industry is set for some sea changes for the betterment of the industry through the initiatives envisaged by the TRF.