Practicality in Hospitality

You’ve written a business plan, funding has come through and it’s time to start work on your hospitality endeavor. You know the business facet inside and out, but what about the more practical aspects? What can you do to make guests feel more comfortable at your hotel?

Catching Z’s

Tired guests will want nothing more than a nice bed after a long day. Do your part to ensure that the one you’re providing is the best around.

  • Use only white linens: sheets, pillowcases, towels. They look more luxurious and are much easier to keep clean and fresh-looking than colored linens. If you do not have a place to launder them at your facility, commercial laundry companies are available to help.
  • Invest in mattress protectors for all of your beds and wash them on a regular basis. They safeguard guests from germs, allergens and body fluids from others. Once you see them starting to show signs of wear, replace them.

Regular Upkeep

Everybody has their version of “that creepy hotel” story from a nightmare experience. Avoid being the topic of these stories by keeping your business updated and well-maintained.

  • Keep exterior paint looking fresh and clean. Power wash the siding and treat it with moss repellant on a regular basis. After all, don’t you want your guests’ first impression to be a good one?
  • If your budget allows, consider replacing carpet in all the rooms with wood or laminate flooring. It always looks classy and is much easier to keep clean.
  • Schedule regular inspections with an exterminator as a precautionary measure. Even if your establishment has never had an infestation of any kind, it’s a good step to keep it that way.

Whether you’re starting a roadside motel or a luxury resort, you want your guests to feel at home. By keeping your hotel clean and comfortable, you’re on the right track.